Courtney & Eric Waldrop Prep Kids For HUGE Day

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Sweet Home Sextuplets stars Courtney and Eric Waldrop went all out for a special day with their nine children. On social media, she gave fans a behind-the-scenes look at how they prepare their kids for these big moments.

Keep reading to check out her latest video and see what they’ve been up to.

Home sweet Home Sextuplets - Courtnet Waldrop Eric waldrop Youtube
Sweet Home Sextuplets – Courtney Waldrop Eric Waldrop Youtube

The Sweet Home Sextuplets stars take on a daunting task.

As we reported, Courtney and Eric Waldrop recently challenged themselves with a trip to Dollywood with all nine kids and no extra help. In the past, they’ve had to bring friends and relatives on outings to keep track of their nine young kids.

But now, the sextuplets are four years old and easier to handle when out and about. So, going to Dollywood without any extra hands is more doable now than ever before.

After the fun outing, Courtney posted on Instagram and let fans in on a secret about their recent trip to Dollywood. She wrote, “So glad me and Eric took the plunge!! We made a vow before we left that no matter how hard it got on this trip we were going to keep smiling and get through it.”

Then, she gave fans another look at how they made this trip work.

Credit: YouTube
Credit: YouTube

Courtney & Eric Waldrop prepare their kids for a huge day.

On her Instagram stories, Courtney gave fans a peek at how Eric prepared the kids for their time at Dollywood. Though the sextuplets are getting older, setting some general guidelines for the outing probably helped.

In the video, Eric is down on the kids’ level. He tells them that they have to stay with their parents and their big brothers, Wales, Bridge, and Saylor. He also says that they need to hold their parents’ and siblings’ hands if they are asked to.

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Courtney reminds them, “Always keep your eyes on mommy and daddy.” As their parents give them a reminder of the rules, the four-year-olds nod their heads in agreement.

Below, you can watch Eric Waldrop give his kids a little pep talk before enjoying a day at Dollywood. Courtney captioned the video, “Eric giving a ‘don’t walk away from mommy and daddy pep talk’ before we walk into Dollywood.”


So, what do you think of this real-life look into Courtney and Eric Waldrop’s lives? Sound off in the comments section below, and come back to TV Shows Ace for more Sweet Home Sextuplets news.

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