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Frankie Muniz Says ‘DWTS’ Stretched The Truth About His Health

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Former child actor Frankie Muniz competed on Dancing With The Stars Season 25 and performed remarkably well with his pro partner, Witney Carson. The couple finished in third place out of 13 couples. His fans agreed that it was nice to see him back on TV screens.

However, Frankie Muniz has had a somewhat rough time since his days as a successful child actor. The 35-year-old has always had an interest in racing, but injuries sustained during races have had a really heavy impact on his brain health and overall memory.

But now, Muniz insists that his memory isn’t quite as bad as fans were led to believe, especially during his run on Dancing With The Stars. Keep reading to see what he had to say.

Frankie Muniz says his memory loss was exaggerated for a storyline

Dancing With The Stars frequently does capitalize on difficult parts of a contestant’s life. After all, it is a reality competition show and audience members love a great story. But Frankie Muniz doesn’t love the way DWTS portrayed his story on the show.

Frankie Muniz from ABC
Frankie Muniz/ABC

“For the ‘Most Memorable Year’ episode, they told me my most memorable year was 2001,” the actor said on the Pardon My Take podcast. “And I go, ‘I don’t know what to say,’ and they’re like, ‘Why?'”

He went on to say that he was having trouble remembering a lot of events from that year, but the show edited his response to make it look like he completely lost his memory. Muniz insists that wasn’t the case at all.

Frankie Muniz from YouTube
Frankie Muniz/Pardon My Take

“I remember I was Malcolm,” he said in the interview. “But I did a lot of stuff and I don’t remember everything.”

But at that point, it was too late. DWTS made it look like Frankie Muniz completely lost his memory while racing. He does have health issues that cause memory loss from time to time, but he doesn’t have complete amnesia as many fans believe he does.

“I like to now talk about it because I have a better understanding of what it is,” Frankie continued. “People come up to me all the time and they’re like, ‘Do you know who you are? Your name is Frankie Muniz.'”

The 35-year-old does have trouble remembering events from 2001 but says it’s more likely because he just did so much in that year he just can’t remember it all.

The Malcolm In The Middle actor impressed his partner and audiences

A few years ago, Witney Carson said in an interview that Frankie Muniz was the dance partner that surprised her the most.

“I didn’t know how good he [would] be,” the 28-year-old told Us Weekly. “I think he obviously didn’t have the natural ability and he’ll tell you that, but I think he was able to learn very quickly and we made it all the way to the finale. So, obviously, something we were doing was working, but he definitely surprised me.”

Even though Frankie Muniz says his life was a bit exaggerated on DWTS, it seems like he really did give the show his best shot.

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