‘American Pickers’ Fans Hate ‘Dry & Boring’ Season

American Pickers Fans Hate Dry & Boring Season [The History Channel | YouTube]

American Pickers fans hate the “dry and boring” season. They still want original cast member Frank Fritz to come back. The reality series doesn’t do as hot as it used to. Ever since Frank was fired in July 2021, the ratings took a nosedive.

It sank to below under one million viewers earlier this year. Fans have been vocal about their thoughts on the new season. Some claim it’s “unwatchable” due to the cast shakeup and the new locations. They were bored when a new episode aired on Saturday, July 16.

American Pickers Mike Wolfe Returns [The History Channel | YouTube]
[The History Channel | YouTube]

Ratings for the History Channel series continue to plummet

Earlier this week, ratings for the July 9th episode of American Pickers only amassed 833,000 viewers, per The Sun. Season 23 of the series returned on January 1, 2022, with 1,050,000 viewers. However, the January 8th episode had 1,011,000 viewers, as the ratings continued to decline.

The March 12 episode only attracted 830,000 viewers. The following episode returned from its months-long break. Around 804,000 viewers tuned into that episode. The show revealed that the new episodes would have “incredible,” “rare,” and “museum-quality” antiques.

However, it’s not enough to keep American Pickers fans around. Some of them claim that the show is “dry and boring” without Frank. Most of them have taken to Twitter to share their thoughts. The 57-year-old last appeared on American Pickers during a March 2020 episode.

American Pickers Miss Frank Fritz [The History Channel | YouTube]
[The History Channel | YouTube]
Frank took a break from the show to recover from back surgery. The History Channel announced in July 2021 that they fired him from the show. He was replaced with Mike Wolfe’s brother Robbie. Fans claim he’s too “boring” for the series.

It’s unclear why Frank was fired from the series. The History Channel never shared the real reason behind the cast shakeup. There were few complaints about Frank, apart from his feud with Mike who the show favored. Yet, Frank became a fan favorite because of his sense of humor and passion for antiquing.

American Pickers fans bored to tears

American Pickers were bored with the latest episode. On Saturday, July 16, the official American Pickers Twitter account wrote, “Take a seat on the big comfy couch, grab a snack and hold onto your remote control.” Fans took to the comment section to talk about the “boring” show.

  • “I gotta be honest this show isn’t good with Robbie instead of Frank. Unwatchable.”
  • “Bring back Frank. Jersey is not watchable.”
  • “Very dry and boring without Frank– scripted, no freestylin’; a very different show. I understand that he isn’t coming back but you should have ended the original show and started a new one moving forward.”
  • “Not the same without Frank.”
  • “Haven’t watched since 2020 when Frankie got canned. Not going to waste my time on this stuff ever again… I wish they would take this new garbage off the History Channel.”

What are your thoughts on the new season of American Pickers? Do you agree that the show is unwatchable without Frank? Do you like Robbie? Sound off below in the comment section.

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