‘The Little Couple’: Jen Arnold Shares Silly Mix-Up

On Sunday, The Little Couple star Jen Arnold shared an Instagram reel of daughter Zoey Klein doing something adventurous. Last month, the neonatologist shared a clip of her son Will Klein during his swim competition.

The clip showed her son standing at the pool’s edge, waiting for another swimmer to return. On cue, he jumped in, swimming alongside his rivals.

Will Klien Instagram

[Source: Instagram]

The 12-year-old wore blue swim trunks with a gray design along with a pair of goggles. The proud mother captioned the video, “Diving into his best.”

Jen Arnold Shares Video Of Daughter Zoey Roller-Skating

Seems like her daughter Zoey is also acing in sports. Dr. Jen shared a TikTok video on Instagram showing off her daughter’s roller skating skills. The text on the video read, ‘Rollerblading.’ The clip showed young Zoey rolling around in her skates in the hallway of their Boston home. The 10-year-old wore a cute sea green helmet with a pink striped top paired with black pants and pink skates.

Zoey Klien YouTube

[Source: YouTube]

However, the simulation educator quickly caught on to her silly mistake and corrected it as she captioned the post, “Oops! Said rollerblade instead of roller skate! I clearly didn’t roller skate or rollerblade as a kid….”

Fans In Awe At Zoey Klein’s Talent

Fans were quick to react to the young one’s show of talent. One commented, “Wow, Zoey is so talented.”

A second suggested that she draw inspiration from other professional skateboarders stating, “Have her watch the Griffith Brothers!”

A third commented, “My daughter loved rollerblading at age 7 & loved going through the whole main level @of our St Augustine home…tile to hardwood! The boys not so much.”

Jen Arnold Instagram

[Source: Instagram]

Another reminisced the past, stating, “Zoe, you are so big now. I remember you when you were so little, so cute.”

A fifth chimed in, “Yay, Zoey! Roller skating is hard. I hear rollerblading is easier, but I never tried it.”

Jen Arnold Shares Health Update With Fans

In February 2022, the reality star had a successful hip revision surgery and shared a selfie with fans of her progress. She thanked her doctor in the post with a caption that explained the reason her surgery wasn’t an easy one. She mentioned, “This hip replacement revision surgery wasn’t the easiest I’ve had, with a small pelvic fracture & not being able to bear weight on my leg for 6 weeks.”

Jen Arnold YouTube

[Source: YouTube]

Compared to her previous surgeries, this one was a piece of cake for her. Jen has had 30+ orthopedic surgeries where she had to be in full body casts for weeks. Being a mom & having a full-time job didn’t make things easy for her. However, moments like this sure make the proud mama forget her physical struggles and help her focus on the children’s future.

Have you ever tried roller-skating? Do you find it as easy as it seemed for young Zoey? Let us know in the comments!

Priyanka Chandrakar


  1. Love this show. Love the strength of Bill, Jen and kids. I have faced many health hardships in my life, but have never been a victim. I accomplished things I wanted too and worked through adversity. I love the show and how it shows what strong people do in various situations. Best to you Bill, Jen, Will and Zoe. You are rocking it.

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