‘Detached’ Tori & Zach Roloff NEVER Going Back?

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At the beginning of Season 23, Zach and Tori Roloff wanted to purchase some of the property from Matt Roloff. Things went south during the negotiation and they ended up buying their own home in another state. This entire season of LPBW has involved the ongoing feud between Zach and Tori. Fans even saw how an awkward Pumpkin Season went down after the fallout between the father and son. Fans, however, can’t help but wonder what this means for the future of Roloff Farms and the family. Will the kids visit the property anymore? Does Zach still hope to own some of it one day?

Warning: LPBW Season 23 Finale spoilers ahead! 

LPBW - Roloff - YouTube - TLC
LPBW – Roloff – YouTube – TLC

Zach Roloff and Tori no longer want Roloff Farms

During the Season 23 Finale, Tori Roloff admits that she and Zach are completely detached from Matt and Roloff Farms. Amy Roloff pressured Matt to make the kids aware of his plans. It, however, became clear that Zach and Tori saw it coming and really didn’t care anymore.

Zach Roloff tells the camera that his family has closed this chapter in their life and turned a new page. They are moving forward and they want nothing to do with Roloff Farms.

Tori’s husband Zach Roloff admits he is sad that Lilah and the baby (Josiah) won’t get to have the same experiences at Roloff Farms. Moreover, he is sad that Jackson has been robbed of continuing to have experiences on the property. He, however, really has no interest in going back because of how uncomfortable it feels now.

LPBW - Roloff - YouTube - TLC
LPBW – Roloff – YouTube – TLC

Will they still have a relationship with Matt Roloff?

Both Tori and Zach Roloff have admitted that the kids having a relationship with their grandpa, Matt, is very important to them. They do not plan on keeping their children away from their grandfather because it is important for them to know who he is. Zach, however, clarified it is important for Matt to WANT To have a relationship with his grandchildren.

As he revealed during last week’s episode, he’s not in a place where he’s comfortable letting Matt and Caryn keep the children overnight. He, however, hopes Matt and Caryn will come to visit them in Battle Ground to spend time with Jackson, Lilah, and Josiah.

LPBW - Roloff - YouTube - TLC
LPBW – Roloff – YouTube – TLC

Unfortunately, it sounds like the couple has no plans to bring their children back to Roloff Farms ever again. Let us know your thoughts in the comments down below.

Allie Johnson


  1. I don’t blame Zac and Tori I wouldn’t want to go back there either . Matt always talked about his kids taking over the farm and land so why wasn’t he willing to work with Zac ? Why was Karen involved in the first place it’s a family farm , family business and she is not family. I bet if it was one of her kids they would have bend over backwards to accommodate them . So not cool .If it wasn’t for Amy , cris , zac , tori and the little ones I would have stopped watching last year . But I’m happy for Zac and Tori .

  2. I don’t blame them how Matt treated his son, but I will miss their family, I have learned to love Zack, Tori, and the kids. I feel like I know them and their my family too. They opened their home and hearts to us and will miss them so much…

  3. I don’t blame them either!! It was quite a ” surprise” .. I think the show should continue with Tori &I zach and kids… and Amy & Chris… ( can call it the ” spin offs) LOL..

  4. I think Matt ia wrong wrong wrong with not selling the farm to the kids. The show should go on without the farm and Matt.
    Tori, Zach and the kids still have a story to tell in Battleground, with Amy and Chris. They don’t need Matt or his girlfriend any longer. Let them live a life in Arizona.

  5. What I feel about this Is so Saddened 🙁 Matt should of Gave his children the Farm & keep it in the Family!🙁 Caryn on the other hand should Butt Out of the situation she is not family!! Matt you can see on the show deep down his Heart is Breaking💔 and he don’t want to let go But Caryn is Not helpful one is comes to that! 🤦🏼‍♀️ Gee ! Anyway I’m all For Amy,Chris,Zac & his family I don’t Blame them! Hope for Healing & A happy Family! God Bless 🙏

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