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Real Reason The Bates Kids Don’t Go To Dad’s Church?

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Bringing Up Bates fans are curious to know why some of the Bates kids don’t go to their dad, Gil’s church. Because he’s a pastor and many of the kids live in the area, fans think it would make sense for all of them to go there. But it looks like several of his adult children attend other churches.

If you didn’t know, Gil is the pastor of the Bible Baptist Church of East Tennessee. And from what the family has shared about their religious views online, it looks like they share most of the same beliefs. So, fans are now trying to figure out what led them to decide to go to another church instead.

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Distance doesn’t seem to be an issue. Gil and Kelly Jo Bates have raised their 19 kids in Tennessee. Many of the kids still live in the same area, and they all spend time together often. There doesn’t appear to be any obvious drama between Gil and any of his kids, either.

Now, fans might have discovered the real reason that Gil’s kids go to other churches.

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Why don’t the Bates kids attend Gil’s church?

On Reddit, fans are discussing this and sharing their theories. One fan recalls Erin Bates Paine mentioning that Gil’s church doesn’t have a nursery. Because many of Gil and Kelly Bates’ kids have children of their own, it’s possible that they don’t want to attend churches without nurseries.

Another fan chimes in and says, “That seems a bit wild that Gil’s church doesn’t have a nursery. I know not all churches do, but you would think Gil’s would.”

Other theories are still circulating, too. Some fans are saying that the kids might have switched to different churches once they got married.

One fan says, “I don’t think it’s odd- they’ve been listening to Gil preach for their whole lives. I think it’s good and healthy to listen to someone else’s perspective.”

Bringing Up Bates Kelly Bates Gil Bates
Bringing Up Bates Kelly Bates Gil Bates

However, all of the Bates kids haven’t come out and said why they don’t attend Gil’s church. So, there’s no way to know for sure where each of them stands.

So, do you think it’s odd that the Bates kids don’t all attend Gil’s church? Or do you think it makes sense due to the nursery and other potential factors, too? Sound off in the comments section below, and come back to TV Shows Ace for more Bringing Up Bates news.

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