Lindsie Chrisley Talks Boys With SHOCKING Family Member

Lindsie Chrisley - YouTube/Kail and the Chaos

The relationship between Lindsie Chrisley and her family has been rocky over the last several years. However, following Todd and Julie Chrisley’s trial, Lindsie has shown her support for the fam. In fact, she has even been dishing about boys with an unlikely family member, which she shared on her Instagram Story. Keep reading to see who it was!

Lindsie And Todd’s Relationship Timeline

Back in 2019, Lindsie Chrisley accused her father and brother of blackmailing her with a sex tape that proved she had an extramarital affair with Robby Hayes. She filed a report with the sheriff’s office and went on to attempt communication with the FBI about the matter.

According to Lindsie, her father and brother (Chase Chrisley) asked her to lie about an incident. When she refused, they tried to blackmail her with the aforementioned sex tape. At the time, Lindsie’s lawyer said that she had been the target of harassment and lies from her family for a while.

Lindsie Chrisley - YouTube/Chrisley Knows Best

Credit: YouTube/Chrisley Knows Best 

For his part, Robby Hayes clarified that the pair did not “make a sex tape.” They were actually caught on a security camera in the living room of a mutual friend. They crashed on the couch and were caught by a puppy cam. This is the tape that her father and brother were allegedly blackmailing her with.

A Possible Reconciliation?

Following the announcement about her divorce in 2021, the Chrisley family extended an olive branch to Lindsie in hopes that it would help mend the relationship. She didn’t immediately jump at the opportunity to reconnect with them and mentioned on her podcast that their legal teams would likely be in touch.

Fans of Lindsie Chrisley were patiently waiting for her to make a statement following the verdict in her parent’s trial. Surprisingly, Lindsie said the verdict is not what she had hoped and prayed for. She then thanked her fans for their love and support, taking more time away from social media and her podcast.

People who have followed her for years questioned what was going on. Last September, she said that there was no chance for reconciliation between her and Todd. Now it seems like she’s not only reconciled with them but she’s dishing about boys with an unlikely family member.

Lindsie Chrisley Talks Boys With Who?

Lindsie posted to her Instagram Stories a video of herself joking around with Nanny Faye. The pair appear to be sitting in a car with Nanny Faye in the passenger seat. You can hear Lindsie giggling asking Nanny Faye to repeat what she said.

Embarrassed, she covers her face and says “I ain’t gone say that now.” It seems to be a warm moment between the two. Take a look at the video below.

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