Jen Arnold Shares Zoey’s Latest Helmet Wearing Feat

Jen Arnold Instagram, YouTube, Zoey Klein

The Little Couple star Jen Arnold documented her daughter, Zoey Klein’s latest helmet-wearing feat. It looks like Zoey is enjoying herself and mom Jen is very proud. Keep reading to get all of the details and see what Zoey is doing now.

Recently, Jen has been sharing lots of photos and videos of her kids as they grow up fast. She recently showed off Will Klein’s swimming skills and Zoey’s artistic abilities. Now, she has another feat to share.

In case you haven’t been keeping up with Bill, Jen, Will, and Zoey, you should know how old the kids are now. Will is 12 years old and Zoey will turn 11 in September. They’re certainly growing up quickly, and fans are always shocked to see just how much they have changed.

Jen Arnold Instagram, Zoey Klein

Jen Arnold shares Zoey Klein’s helmet-wearing feat.

In a new Instagram Reel and TikTok this weekend, Jen documented a fun moment with Zoey. In the video, Zoey is rollerskating up and down the hallway. It looks like she’s already gotten the hang of rollerskating and is feeling pretty confident in her abilities.

And fans don’t need to worry because she’s wearing a helmet. Fans often applaud Jen’s parenting choices. She’s a pediatrician, so children’s safety is very important to her.

Along with sharing the video, Jen added a little bit of text that reads “rollerblading.”

In the caption of her post, Jen Arnold notes her little blunder and says, “Oops! Said rollerblade instead of roller skate! I clearly didn’t roller skate or rollerblade as a kid… 😂”

Below, you can see a few snaps from Zoey’s latest helmet-wearing feat.

Jen Arnold Instagram, Zoey Klein

You can watch the video here.

The Little Couple fans adore the new video.

Of course, The Little Couple fans are loving the new video that Jen Arnold shared of Zoey. Many fans are praising the young girl for being so brave and trying something new.

One fan says, “Love how fearless she is! Beautiful girl!!👏👏👏”

Another fan adds, “How fun, you go Zoey.”

One more of Jen Arnold’s followers says, “Shes so good at skating goooo Zoey.”

Zoey Klein - Jen Arnold Instagram

Maybe Jen will have more rollerskating videos to share with fans as Zoey continues to practice and improve her skills.

So, what do you think of this fun new video of Zoey Klein? Sound off in the comments section below. For more updates about The Little Couple star Jen Arnold, come back to TV Shows Ace

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