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Janelle Brown Ditches Old Hair, Embraces Whole New Sexy Look

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Janelle Brown has never really cared to be the glamorous sister wife. In fact, she was happier being in an office or working on the land. Now, the entrepreneur grandma is shaking things up with a fun, fresh, sexier new look. Read on to see her transformation.

Janelle Brown, Everyone Before Herself

Much like her former sister wife, Christine, Janelle often put everyone before herself. She spent hours in the office to help provide for her family. When Sister Wives first began in 2010, she was seen getting up before the sun rose to say hi to her husband Kody. She then proceeded to head to the office with her eldest child Logan left to cook breakfast for his five siblings. Admittedly, Janelle preferred to be out of the home and at work.

Janelle Brown/YouTube

That was what fed her soul and she was fortunate enough to have sister wives who helped her raise her children since she did not come home until very late in the evening. However, she did acknowledge that having teenagers was very expensive. At the time, they had twelve kids with one on the way. Kody was also courting his fourth wife, Robyn who would bring in three additional children. When the plural family escaped from Utah to Vegas, Janelle immediately went and got into real estate. Christine got her license, as well but was not active as Janelle was.

Janelle Brown/YouTube
Janelle, Kody, Robyn

She remained extremely dedicated to trying to sell homes and was even the listing agent when they moved again, this time to Flagstaff. Yet, this time, she had found a new career in wellness. She had started her own business, Strive with Janelle, and was slowly getting into the MLM game. Her sister wives were seeing great professional gain and she was starting to see could work hard while living for herself. Janelle no longer had to be in an office all day. Now, she could spend time with her family and garden while putting herself first for once.

Reinventing Mrs. Brown

Janelle Brown has become highly successful as an entrepreneur. She has collaborated with her daughter Maddie Brush and ex-sister wife Christine Brown on Plexus. Additionally, Christine’s daughter Mykelti Padron has joined in. Janelle, as if there was any doubt, has been killing the game. Recently, she was rewarded with a trip to Portugal. She has been able to travel and she frequents North Carolina on a regular basis where she can visit Maddie and her two grandchildren.

Janelle Brown/YouTube

The other day, Janelle posted a photo of herself on Instagram, looking like a true businesswoman. Gone were her side bangs and instead, they were sultry and side-swept. Her light blonde hair was twisted back while she wore a sexy black curve-hugging v-neck shirt and large hoop earrings. Finally, Janelle unleashed her inner sexy “grand”-mama and businesswoman, looking the part she’s been living for decades.

In a Reddit thread, some followers noticed how happy she looked. “In all sincerity, she looks amazing and the most vibrant I’ve seen her in…since the beginning of the show,” one commented. Another added: “I love her hair!” In the end, Janelle is finally embracing the sexy and powerful woman she has been all along. So bravo to her.

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