Humble Kanye West Received High Praise, Why?

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Despite Kanye West’s affinity for controversies, he is being celebrated by fans and called ‘humble.’ Why though? After KUWTK star Kim Kardashian purchased her own private jet in March 2022, she has been flaunting her wealth like never before. Comparatively, fans find that Kanye has been nothing but an average person with the choices he has made in the past.

Fans Dub Kanye West Their ‘Eco-Friendly King’

Kim isn’t the only one in the family who owns a private jet. Back in 2020, Kylie Jenner bought one of her own worth $72.8 Million. The sisters are now being bashed for posting pictures of their private planes as several old pictures of Kanye flying coach resurface on an online thread.


Kanye West YouTube

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The post carried multiple pictures of the American rapper flying just as a regular person would and going through airport security. In one of the pictures, the father of four appears to be casually sitting among other passengers working on his laptop. Reddit users even joked about these images.

One user dubbed Kanye “Our eco-friendly king.”

Another chimed in, “He’s just like me,” while a third mentioned the rapper as “humble.”

A fourth claimed, “He flies first class usually, but he’s not above flying coach if that’s all that’s available. That particular flight in slide 5 was to be there to help with Kim’s SNL appearance & retrieve the tapes. He sat in the economy in the back of the plane by the toilets.”

A fifth user suggested, “I thought I remember someone from his team saying he likes doing it to interact with regular people to get out of the celebrity bubble…”

Another theorized, “I feel he wants to get places fast and impulsively, so he just gets on the next available flight.”

Kim Kardashian Takes Her Private Jet To Australia 

However, the Kardashians don’t fly coach, and they don’t even have to, as they own two private jets as of now.

After her luxurious purchase, Kim took her private jet to visit her beau Pete Davidson in Australia. As per The Sun, Kim flew to Cairns in Northern Queensland, Australia, in her private jet to meet with Pete. She stayed with him for a couple of days.

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Pete and Kim were last seen together on vacation they took in June to the Tahiti Islands. The couple’s romantic getaway was about a month before the SNL star went to Australia. He moved Down Under to start filming on the set of his upcoming movie, Wizards.

Fans Bash Kardashian Sisters For Flaunting Wealth

Last week, Kim shared with fans a series of throwback snaps with boyfriend Pete. Although she didn’t share any pictures of herself in the private jet, fans still scrutinized her for taking them. Even her sister Kylie Jenner is under the fans’ radar after she shared a photo of herself with Travis Scott kissing in front of 2 private planes and a luxurious car.

Kim Kardashian YouTube

[Source: YouTube]

The Kardashian sisters have been bashed by fans for not being environment-friendly and misusing their private jets for random trips. The Kardashians star was also called out for her lack of environmental awareness and for flaunting her wealth.

Do you think the Kardashians spend too lavishly? Is Kanye West ‘humble’ in comparison? Let us know your thoughts in the comments!

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