‘Unexpected’: Hailey 1 Sad Life Update, What Happened?


Unexpected alum Hailey Tomlinson aka Hailey 1 had seemingly found what she was looking for. After being betrayed by two significant people in her life, she was humiliated. Luckily, the teen mom was able to bounce back and find happiness. Now it appears that has all been shattered. What happened? Read on to find out more.

Hailey 1’s Unexpected Journey Turns Sour

Viewers first met Hailey during Season 3 of the hit series. She was pregnant by her boyfriend, Matthew Blevins and she was actually quite fortunate. Her parents were very supportive of both her and Matt’s journey to parenthood. Sadly, it was about to come crashing down on her. Hailey’s best friend, also named Hailey (nicknamed Hailey 2), started to get messages from Matt. They bordered on flirty and inappropriate. More so, he would sometimes text her right when she sat next to Hailey 1. She would proceed to show her these messages, almost like a badge of honor.

Hailey 1

Hailey 1 welcomed their daughter, Kinsley but there was much more to come. In a twist, Matt and Hailey 2 ended up together and by the tell-all, they had a shocking reveal. The new couple was expecting their first child together. However, the two Haileys were able to find a common footing as Matt did not stick around for his second baby mama. This created a bond because they now had an understanding of the other’s struggles. Fortunately, Hailey 1 found a new man and it seemed he was the one. Yet, was it all too good to be true?

A Sad Breakdown Of Love

In the summer of 2020, Hailey 1 started dating a man named Darren. The Unexpected alum gushed about him on her social media. Moreover, the best part was that he took in Kinsley as his own. He was by her side when she graduated and was the best thing in her life aside from her daughter. Sadly, @tlc.unexpectedteaa has confirmed the split between Darren and Hailey. Darren actually took to his Facebook to share the news.

Darren and Kinsley

“Unfortunately to clear the air yes we are no longer together because of unspeakable actions that are not on my side of the relationship and it was that thing so i will still be there for Kinsley, me and her still talk, and I am still kisnleys dad.”

As for Hailey, she wanted it to be known that she was not unfaithful. However, she will be keeping the details private. This is quite sad and surprising since they both seemed so supportive of one another. Additionally, they seemed very much in love. Yet, it is great to see him still more than willing to stay in Kinsley’s life as her father figure. We wish them all the luck.

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