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More Details About ‘Survivor’ 43 Revealed

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Survivor Season 43 is done filming, and the official premiere date is quickly approaching. With the beginning on the way, we’re beginning to get more and more details about the upcoming season. We already knew information from Jeff Probst’s interviews at the end of Season 42. He gave us selective hints and straight-up facts about what constitutes this new era of the game. Now the popular Survivor blog Inside Survivor has given us some insider information that was nothing more than swirling rumors previously. So will Season 43 be like the two seasons before it? Or are they vastly changing the formula? Read on for more details.

More Details On Season 43

Season 43 will be similar to Seasons 41 and 42 in many ways. It will have three tribes, only 26 days, and it’s going to keep around certain new twists. Things like the Shot In The Dark and the Risk vs. Reward twists that gave 41 and 42 a lot of interesting moments have made the cut. Yet, not every experimental twist from the first post-COVID seasons will stick around. Inside Survivor also gave confirmation that there will be no more Hourglass twist, as well as the Do Or Die Twist. Both are nowhere to be found in the upcoming season. It’s also probably safe to assume that we’ll never see either twist again.

survivor season 43 logo youtube clip
The logo of ‘Survivor’ Season 43, via the preview from the end of Season 42

Season 43 also shares a link with Season 44 in the same way that 41 and 42 were similar. Meaning both seasons were filmed back-to-back and will contain essentially the same format. So, at a very minimum, all of the things that are staying or leaving in Season 43 will also be staying/leaving in Season 44.

What we now know is returning versus what’s finding the door in the upcoming season shows that production is listening to the fans. This is because while the Shot In The Dark and Risk vs. Reward twists were fairly popular among viewers, the Hourglass and Do Or Die twists got the opposite reception. Both twists caught flack from fans and players alike. It would be extremely unpopular for them to return, so it’s a good sign for both Season 43 and 44 that they won’t be around.

Survivor Is Almost Here

Inside Survivor gave confirmation for certain other details of the upcoming season as well. Like that there will still be some kind of “earn the merge” twist. Just, not with any hourglasses, thankfully. There also will be some experimentation with other new twist ideas because, of course, there will be. It’s Survivor, at the end of the day. Since Season 43 and 44 are being filmed back-to-back, the players in 44 will be as unprepared for the new twists as the players in 43.

Survivor Season 43 is premiering on September 21st. You can watch it on CBS or Paramount Plus. Will you be there? Let us know in the comments.

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