‘Unexpected‘: Jenna Ronan’s Son Luca Gets Fresh Haircut

Jenna Ronan from Instagram

Jenna Ronan’s little boy is growing up right before fans’ very eyes!

Unexpected fans had the opportunity to watch Jenna’s pregnancy unfold during the show. And now, she’s the mother of a happy and healthy two-year-old.

Jenna’s online followers are seeing her son Luca have a great time growing up. And the TLC personality recently revealed he got a handsome new haircut. Keep reading to see the pictures!

Jenna Ronan reveals that little Luca has a fresh new look

Since Jenna Ronan made her debut in Unexpected Season 4, she won a lot of fans. Now, she has a fairly significant online following. Fans just can’t get enough of the young mother and her two-year-old, Luca.

Jenna Ronan from Instagram
Jenna Ronan/Instagram

Getting a haircut can be scary for a young child, but it seems like Luca handled things like a champ! Jenna posted a few cute snapshots to her Instagram story revealing the new hairdo.

Jenna Ronan from Instagram
Jenna Ronan/Instagram

Luca looked a little uneasy while in the chair, but he seemed just fine afterward. Having his mother there probably put the little boy at ease.

Jenna Ronan from Instagram
Jenna Ronan/Instagram

How do you think Luca looks with his new haircut? Be sure to leave your thoughts and comments below. Don’t be afraid to share what you think with other readers.

The Unexpected star shines online

Plenty of people follow Jenna Ronan online to see photos of sweet Luca. However, the young mother attracts a lot of attention all on her own. After undergoing cosmetic surgery for her breasts, Jenna has more confidence than ever before. Lately, she’s posted several beautiful photos of herself in adorable outfits. It really appears that she’s happy and in love with life.

Of course, a lot of that may have to do with the fact she is no longer with Luca’s father, Aden. Fans weren’t at all impressed with the young father when he tried to convince Jenna that men ovulate too. Being a single mother can definitely be tough, but fans really rallied around Jenna when she revealed she dumped Aden.

Reddit users had lots of opinions on Aden — and not many of them were positive. Overall, they really had a problem with how he did the bare minimum to provide for Luca. Ultimately, Unexpected viewers just didn’t feel like he had what it took to be a good father. In all likelihood, Jenna is going to do much better on her own.

No matter what lies ahead for Jenna and Luca, fans wish them all the best and can’t wait to see more cute photos.

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