Stranger Things Noah Schnapp Breaks Silence, Doja Cat Drama [YouTube]

‘Stranger Things’ Noah Schnapp Breaks Silence, Doja Cat Drama

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Stranger Things star Noah Schnapp broke his silence amid the Doja Cat drama. It all started when the rapper asked him to set her up with his co-star Joseph Quinn. Noah shared with his followers that she slid into his DMs to make it happen.

However, she claims that Noah was the one who slipped into her DMs. Doja didn’t know that Joseph had an Instagram account. Noah responded to her message and sent her a link to his co-star’s account.

Then she called him out for outing her DMs without her permission. Noah shared photos of Doja’s DMs on his TikTok account. Their friendly encounter turned into a feud when she claimed that he was just a kid sliding into her DMs.

Doja Cat got backlash from the incident. She clapped back at Stranger Things fans who dragged her for going live on Instagram and calling out Noah Schnapp. The controversy also caused the young actor to apologize to the “Say So” singer. He broke his silence about the feud.

Noah Schnapp Of Stranger Things Fame [Netflix | YouTube]
[Netflix | YouTube]

Stranger Things 4 star breaks silence on TikTok

It’s one of the quickest feuds in all of Hollywood. Things appear to be good between Doja Cat and Noah Schnapp. The star took to TikTok to assure fans that everything is good between them. Things got heated after they exchanged messages just last week. However, most fans think the “Woman” singer shouldn’t have texted the young man in the first place.

Doja Cat is 26 years old, while Noah Schnapp is only 17 years old. Fans argued that if Doja really wanted to speak with Joseph Quinn (29), she could’ve easily found him on social media. They also said he’s a teenager who doesn’t know better. Other fans sided with Doja after she blasted the young actor.

But, Noah Schnapp has amassed a dedicated fanbase of his own. Most of them criticized the “Kiss Me More” singer for using a platform to insult a teenager. Noah’s star rose as Doja lost 200,000 followers, reports The Los Angeles Times.

Doja Cat Loses Social Media Followers [Capital FM | YouTube]
[Capital FM | YouTube]

Noah Schnapp is on good terms with Doja Cat

Noah Schnapp assures fans that he’s not having a feud with Doja Cat. In his new TikTok video, he films himself dancing to her breakout hit. He also took to the comment section to assure fans that everything is good between them.

“Guys, everything is good,” Noah Schnapp wrote. “I apologized and I still follow her and love her music no hard feelings.”

He’s earned 2 million followers. That’s a huge blow to Doja Cat, who’s been an up-and-coming rapper for the past few years. As for Joseph Quinn, he’s still adjusting to his newfound fame. He became an overnight sensation after he appeared in the Season 4 finale of Stranger Things.

What are your thoughts on the drama between Noah Schnapp and Doja Cat? Do you think he should’ve apologized to her? Or, do you think she’s in the wrong? Sound off below in the comment section.

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