Shady Way Stassi Schroeder Disinvited ‘Pump Rules’ Cast Exposed

Shady Way Stassi Schroeder Disinvited 'Pump Rules' Cast Exposed

Stassi Schroeder is no longer on Vanderpump Rules. However, she’s causing enough drama on her own. The former cast member married her husband Beau Clark again — this time in Italy. Sadly, the drama couldn’t be documented in its own reality series since she was fired from Bravo.

The network was no longer going to foot the bill for the wedding. So, Stassi had to cut corners the best way she knows how. She ended up disinviting most of the cast. Only Katie Maloney and her estranged husband Tom Schwartz attended the event.

There was even more drama on the side. Stassi removed Brittany Cartwright and Jax Taylor from her friend group since she claimed they were no-shows. They promised that they would make it to her wedding, but bowed out just hours prior. Now, Peter Madrigal is sharing his thoughts on the ongoing drama.

Stassi Schroeder's Wedding Guest List Drama Continues [Morning Toast | YouTube]
[Morning Toast | YouTube]

Peter Madrigal calls out Stassi Schroeder’s shady ways

He exposed the former Bravo star. The SUR manager claimed that Stassi Schroeder disinvited her former VPR cast members via email. Peter Madrigal called the move “messed up.” The wedding guest list drama continued as he brought it up in a new interview.

“Honestly, if you can’t pick up the phone for a two-minute conversation and say, ‘Hey, do you really want to come?'” Peter told Us Weekly on Tuesday, July 12. “[If] you can’t do that and you BCC everybody, that’s messed up.”

Peter Madrigal Exposes Stassi Schroeder [Page Six Celebrity News | YouTube]
[Page Six Celebrity News | YouTube]
Stassi Schroeder had to remove many of the past and present cast members from the guest list. She claims that it was for financial reasons. The Next Level Basic author agreed to an intimate ceremony in Italy that included her closest family and friends. Beau and Stassi first tied the knot in September 2020 in a backyard ceremony while she was pregnant with their daughter, Hartford Charlie Rose.

The couple celebrated their wedding with a destination wedding in Rome. However, only two of her former Pump Rules co-stars attended the ceremony. This has caused its share of drama among the cast. Tom Sandoval and Scheana Shay were the first to admit on her podcast that they were disinvited.

Not on good terms with her former VPR co-stars?

Peter feels that Stassi Schroeder isn’t good at “communicating with people.” The disinvite wasn’t a problem for him. Peter just knows where Stassi stands since her firing.

“You disinvited me. OK, I know where I stand with you as a friend,” he continued. “If you can’t pick up the phone for a two-minute phone call, you know. It was a little upsetting. I was a little upset more when it was brought to the forefront, but now it’s like eh.”

Stassi Schroeder Causes Drama [Morning Toast | YouTube]
[Morning Toast | YouTube]
Apparently, Stassi Schroeder isn’t on good terms with many of the former cast. A long list was supposed to be in attendance. Peter also thinks Stassi disinvited Brittany and Jax. He confirmed that she received “the same disinvite letter.” He was “BCC’d” in the same email.

Yet, Stassi claims a different story. During her appearance on the Skinny Confidential Him & Her podcast, she said she had to “cut 70 percent of the guest list because it’s too expensive,” so they “sent out an email.” She also said that both Jax and Brittany were no-shows.

Peter will “see what happens” when it comes to their friendship. He’s currently focused on SUR and the tenth season of Vanderpump Rules, which started filming.

What are your thoughts on the way Stassi Schroeder disinvited her co-stars? Do you think it’s shady? Would it make for good drama on the show? Sound off below in the comment section.

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