Regretful Amy Roloff Realizes She Messed Up BIG Time?

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The last two episodes of LPBW have presented fans with a version of Amy Roloff that is filled with regret and resentment. Talking to Chris Marek, a close friend, and the cameras, the TLC matriarch realizes she may have made a huge mistake. And, she wishes she could go back and do things differently. What regretful mistake did Amy Roloff make?

Amy Roloff filled with regret, made a mistake?

During the last few episodes of LPBW, Amy Roloff realizes she messed up big time. The TLC personality says she wishes she would have held on to her portion of the property a little longer and tried a little harder to sell it to one of her children. Amy tells the cameras that if she knew then what she knows now she would have held on to it. She explains she would have turned to her children and asked them how she could “make things work” to pass on the legacy and keep things in the family.

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Amy Roloff/Credit: TLC YouTube

Amy Roloff repeatedly tells anyone who will listen that she’s heartbroken that some of the property is no longer going to be owned by the family. During this week’s episode, Amy admits to Chris she’s not sure she’ll have any desire to be on Roloff Farms when part of it is owned by a stranger. She says it just won’t look or feel the same anymore. Noting that the entire situation was “tainted” Matt Roloff’s ex-wife prepares to say goodbye to the property she raised her children on once and for all.

Amy Roloff - YouTube
Amy Roloff – YouTube

Why didn’t she hold on to her portion?

During last season the family briefly discussed Zach Roloff buying his mother out of her portion of the property. Fans don’t understand why that never happened. The timing of how things went down, however, suggests Zach and Tori had not yet decided if they wanted some of the property. And, Amy Roloff was ready to get rid of it. Likewise, Amy claims Matt was putting a lot of pressure to give up her portion to him. Amy Roloff actually told cameras during this season that she gave Matt a great deal on her portion because she believed he would turn around and lose money selling it to a child. So, she wishes she would have held out for more money or just not sold it to him at all.

Matt Roloff - Amy Roloff LPBW - Youtube
Matt Roloff – Amy Roloff LPBW – Youtube

Sadly, Amy Roloff can’t go back in time and do things differently. LPBW fans, however, do agree with the fact that Amy made a massive mistake.

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  1. Could it be that Matt got her portion for a small amount thinking it would go to the kids and he jacked up the price? Thing is…. it hasn’t sold yet… Not too many LPs looking for a 4 million dollar farm. Jokes on him

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