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‘LPBW’ Fans Disgusted By Zach Roloff’s Petty, Selfish Behavior

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LPBW fans have turned up their noses to Zach Roloff’s vile behavior. Across multiple social media platforms, they have labeled him and his wife as both “selfish” and “petty” as this season continues to play out. A preview from the most reason episode of LPBW left fans thinking the feud might be coming to an end. The actual episode, however, painted a different picture once Zach got to talk to the cameras away from his father. What exactly did Zach do and say that has fans turning on him?

LPBW fans blast Zach Roloff as vile, petty, and selfish

During this week’s episode of LPBW, Matt Roloff made a trip to see his son. Matt wanted to see the sandbox that Zach built as his first project on his new property. Matt Roloff admitted he was proud to see his son taking an interest in building something on his own property. And, he couldn’t wait to see more of what Zach could do.

Matt Roloff Creates Tension With Zach [TLC | YouTube]
[TLC | YouTube]
While he was on Zach’s property, the father and grandfather expressed an interest in keeping Lilah and Jackson overnight. He told his son that both himself and his girlfriend Caryn really miss the kids. They would love to give Zach and Tori a break while spending some time with the grandchildren. He thought a night away from the children might be appealing for Zach and Tori.

As TvShowsAce previously reported, Zach Roloff admitted to the cameras that Matt and Caryn babysitting the kids just wasn’t a realistic option. He continued to explain that they just weren’t in the right place in their relationship for that to be an option.

LPBW - Roloff - YouTube
LPBW – Roloff – YouTube

Punishing the kids?

TvShowsAce also reported fans were heartbroken for Jackson and his sister Lilah as they seemed to be getting punished because of Matt and Zach’s feud. LPBW fans believe that regardless of how Zach and Matt feel, Jackson and Lilah should get to continue to have a relationship with their grandfather and Cha Cha. Fans agree it is petty, selfish, and downright vile for Zach to be hindering their relationship with Matt simply because he is unhappy with how things played out.

Matt Roloff And Zach Roloff

One fan exclaimed on Reddit: “Zach and Tori not letting Jackson and Lilah spend the night with Matt is petty and awful. I cannot even believe they’d let this get in the way of those kids’ relationship with their grandfather.”

Is Zach Roloff keeping his children away from Matt Roloff? Is this the right or wrong thing to do? Let us know your thoughts in the comments. And, keep coming back for more on LPBW.

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  1. Tori and Zach have weaponized their children. In essence they killed Jackson’s opportunity for a healthy relationship with his grandfather. It’s very sad for Jackson.

  2. Zach and Tori think because they didn’t get what they wanted they’d let it interfere with how and when their children saw their grandfather. Matt is the only reason the farm survived and flourished over the years. Now Zach and Tori have the idea that Matt should take what they offer him for the farm. Then when they didn’t get it they throw a fit and let their relationship with Matt go from bad to worse. They want him to come crawling up to them with unjustified apologizes. They need to put there kids first and grow up themselves while they’re doing it.

  3. It’s time you both grow up. It’s Matt’s property and he should be able to do whatever he wants to do with it. It’s horrible that you are keeping Matt’s grand children away from him just because he won’t give you the farm. Grow up before it is too late.

  4. Tori and Zac are so childish and someday hopefully will regret their treatment of Matt. Get over it. You’re hurting your kids by not letting them get all the love and attention from their grandparents. I used to like the show but between Zac and Tori and Amy’s attitude it isn’t as good as it used to be. Amy is loving the tension between Zac and his dad and does everything she can to instigate the problems. She should butt out.

  5. Matt and the gold digger Caryn are just greedy. He basically stole the property from Amy then tries to make the deal of the century with HUGE profits (that Caryn is all for) off of his children The farm has been promised as a legacy to the family for years. Thatis until Caryn got her sights on the money SHE will get. Open your eyes yes you people.. you don’t buy a candy bar for $.10 …. eat half of it … then sell the rest to a family member for$1.00

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