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Dark Live Action ‘Barney’ Movie In The Works

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Nick Davis

Daniel Kaluuya is one of the biggest faces in the horror scene right now. His roles as the lead characters in both of Jordan Peele’s popular horror films Get Out and the upcoming Nope have made him popular among the horror crowd. Thus far, he’s never been behind the camera working creatively on any horror projects of his own. His comments on an upcoming Barney film have some people under the impression that that’s all about to change, though.

Barney Gets Gritty

In an interview with Collider, the British-Ugandan actor talks about the upcoming project.

“Barney taught us, ‘I love you, you love me. Won’t you say you love me too?’ That’s one of the first songs I remember, and what happens when that isn’t true? I thought that was really heartbreaking,” Daniel says in the interview.

daniel kaluuya get out youtube trailer
Daniel Kaluuya in ‘Get Out’

His production company, %59, has been attached to the live-action Barney film since 2019. Kaluuya says the script is still in the works. However, it certainly appears as though he wants to produce a darker take on the popular purple dinosaur. The actor, who initially rose to popularity due to his role in the British TV series Skins, says he wants the film to showcase a different side of him.

“My last number of films have been so aligned to kind of what I stand for as a man. But there are a whole lot of things that I do as a man. I love kids’ films. How did everyone get into films? Watching kids’ films. I don’t want to restrict myself to the limitations of what I’m perceived as.”

Aside from Kaluuya’s comments, there really aren’t many other details on the film as of right now. No cast, crew, or potential release window is out there. It seems like progress on the film is slow going but once the script is complete, we might see things begin to move at a much faster pace.

Childhood Memories Turned Dark

Barney isn’t the only whimsical children’s character getting a dark side in the near future. Recently, Winnie The Pooh made the news as a result of the character entering the public domain. That means anyone can use Winnie The Pooh in their original works of art without having to worry about copyright. The character belongs to everyone now. Quickly following the character’s public domain entry, some horrific images began to go viral. Images from an upcoming indie horror film with the title Winnie The Pooh: Blood And Honey. The pictures show off a rather uncanny looking pooh bear. All of our childhood icons are quickly turning into nightmares.

The upcoming Barney film has no official title or any other significant details like a release window yet. Winnie The Pooh: Blood And Honey is likely coming out later this year. How do you feel about Barney’s transformation? Let us know.

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