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Whitney Way Thore Shares Embarrassing Health Problem

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Whitney Way Thore took to her Instagram to share an embarrassing health problem with her followers. What’s going on with the TLC star? Keep reading and we’ll explain.

MBFFL returns this summer with new episodes

Season 9 of MBFFL ended in a cliffhanger. Would Whitney Way Thore finally meet her mysterious French beau? Their plans for him to travel to the States were thwarted by the COVID pandemic.

However, once travel restrictions eased, Thore spent six weeks in France.

The TLC star recently dropped the news that Season 10 is coming this summer. Whitney Way Thore often gets questions on social media asking if she’s quitting reality TV.

The former radio producer once said in response that the show will end when she’s ready. But for now, she’s content to share her life with TV viewers and her social media followers.

Whitney Way Thore shares embarrassing health problem

Whitney Way Thore has been open over the years regarding her health struggles. After her relationship with Chase Severino ended, she considered getting gastric bypass surgery to help her lose weight.

She ultimately chose not to do that. MBFFL viewers know that Thore suffers from polycystic ovarian syndrome (PCO,) which caused her weight gain.

The TLC star has also been open about her mental health.

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Whitney Way Thore/Credit: TLC YouTube

In a new Instagram post, Whitney Way Thore reveals that she suffers from an embarrassing medical problem related to PCO. What is it? 

According to Thore, she has finally gotten her periods back on track. As a result, she has “a lot to figure out when it comes to that time of the month!

In a sponsored post, she touts Intimina Ziggy Cup 2 as a way to manage her period flow. She went on to say that “staying active” helps reduce her cramps and back pain. The Ziggy Cup gives her confidence to continue her normal activities, including being intimate.

At the end of the ad, she wrote that the product is “great for mess-free period s*x.” Click here to see Whitney Way Thore’s post about her embarrassing health problem.

Several of her followers took to the comment section to question if Thore actually uses the product or not. 

  • no shade, but do you really use this product? As a person of size, it seems to me that it would be difficult to insert and remove.
  • I seriously question who’s taking that out for you? No way you can reach it. Maybe a skinny girl would believe it.
  • I need more info ! Do you really use this ?!?!?!??

Whitney Way Thore didn’t respond to those questioning whether she actually uses the Ziggy cup or not.

What is her relationship status?

What happened after Whitney Way Thore went to France to meet her beau? No one knows and Thore isn’t telling. Whatever happened between them will likely be on the upcoming season, as well as why her ex Lennie has been around so much lately.

MBFFL returns to TLC on Tuesday, August 9, 2022.

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