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‘Welcome To Plathville’ Kim Plath Jealous Of Moriah & Olivia?

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Welcome to Plathville fans have many questions about the show’s fourth season and Kim Plath’s storyline. Some fans even think she is jealous of her daughter, Moriah, and daughter-in-law, Olivia. So, what might be going on with Kim this season?

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Welcome to Plathville fans wonder if the divorce is real or fake.

Since the Season 4 premiere, fans have questioned whether Kim and Barry’s split is real or scripted. Some feel like the conflict came out of nowhere. They’re trying to figure out if it’s manufactured drama for the show or if Kim truly had a mid-life crisis and re-evaluated her relationship with Barry.

However, a recent social media post has fans even more confused.

As we reported, Lydia Plath recently dedicated an anniversary post to her parents. She said that they had been together for 25 years.

You can see Lydia’s post below.

Lydia Plath Instagram

However, as shown on TLC’s Welcome to Plathville, they are in the midst of a divorce. So, this left fans confused about where Kim and Barry truly stand.

Below, you can see a few comments from fans about Lydia’s post. One fan speculates that the “separation is all for the show.”

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Now, fans are trying to figure out if there’s possibly another reason for this divorce storyline.

Might Kim Plath be jealous of her daughter, Moriah & daughter-in-law, Olivia?

On RedditWelcome to Plathville fans are speculating about Kim’s midlife crisis and divorce storylines. They wonder if she’s jealous of Moriah and Olivia getting all of the attention on the show. As Moriah broke away from her parents’ strict rules, many of her experiences were documented on the show.

Another major storyline of past seasons has been Olivia’s relationship with Ethan.

So, some fans think Kim might be jealous of Olivia and Moriah being the center of attention. They wonder if she may be trying to stay relevant like her daughter and daughter-in-law have.

Moriah Plath Instagram
Moriah Plath Instagram

One Welcome to Plathville fan writes, “Kim is trying to stay relevant this season, so she doesn’t lose her show. She thought she was going to be the new Michelle Duggar, but the kids wouldn’t play along.”

Someone else speculates that Kim has other intentions and says, “LOL, Barry doesn’t know this is just for the show and that Kim is using him as a scapegoat for why the kids hate her. He thinks she’s cheating…lol…”

It’s unclear what Kim’s intentions are on Welcome to Plathville. But some fans believe she’s hoping to get in on some of the action that Olivia and Moriah have gotten for the past few seasons. It’s also possible that she’s jealous that they are now getting to live their lives and do what they want to. Now, she might be ready to live her life, too.

So, do you think that Kim Plath might just be jealous of the attention her daughter and daughter-in-law have gotten on their show? Or do you think the divorce and all of her life changes are genuine? Share your thoughts in the comments section. Plus, don’t miss new episodes of Welcome to Plathville on Tuesdays on TLC and discovery+.

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  1. Kim needs therapy asap, she’s dealing with childhood trauma that has evolved and she doesn’t need her kids advice she needs a professional

  2. THE SADDEST PART OF IT ALL IS THE CHILDREN!!! Kim started something with some EXTREME religious/home school/isolation/ MESSED UP YOU ONLY ANSWER TO MOTHER child rearing practice. And now she got her family the gig on television – it’s not working out for NARCISSISTIC KIM so yes, I totally agree with everyone’s comments about her wanting to grab the spot light. But there are two things. . . 1. Kim is OLD AND NOT RELEVANT!!! We don’t care!!! And Number 2. THE MOST IMPORTANT ONE – KIM – YOU SCREWED UP YOUR CHILDREN!!! THEY NEED HELP AND ALL YOU CARE ABOUT IS. . . . YOUR HAPPINESS???

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