‘sMothered’: Lisa Hijacks Lauren’s Pregnancy, How?

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Last season on sMothered, Lisa helped her daughter Lauren get pregnant. Only Lauren’s wife, Laura Leigh was not exactly in on the process. Now that there is a baby on the way, Lisa seems to be more a part of this pregnancy than she needs to be. How will this impact the relationship between the ladies? Looks like there’s about to be a lot of incoming drama.

Lisa Is All In On sMothered

It was a very tricky season for the three women. When Laura Leigh married Lauren, she knew that she was not just getting a wife. She was also getting another mother. Lauren and Lisa were extremely close and it was a bond that was not easily broken. When the couple decided that they were ready to start a family, they looked at all of their options. Finally, at-home insemination seemed to be the best route. Unfortunately, Lauren chose to do this without her partner. Instead, her mother assisted with the process.


This was a cringeworthy moment for viewers of the series which is already a female I Love A Mama’s Boy. Luckily, three years after Laura Leigh and Lauren wed, this at-home process apparently worked as they found out they were expecting. They shared the news on social media with a beaming Laura Leigh holding up the sonogram. Baby Reese was due in April of this year and now, the new season of sMothered is a little less than a month away. This means the pregnancy journey will be documented. Yet how involved will Lisa get and whose baby will it really be?

Lisa Gets Too Close For Laura Leigh’s Comfort

In a TLC flashback, Lauren is sitting with her mother and her father after having gone to the doctor. Lisa had made an appearance that bothered Laura Leigh. She explains that Lauren had a meeting with a fertility specialist so, of course, she showed up. Laura Leigh did not take too kindly to this. Lauren wanted her there but she says she cannot please everyone. Now her father is baffled that it has become so dramatic between Laura Leigh and Lisa. What Lauren’s dad did not know was that Lisa was the one who inseminated Lauren and now he is blown away.

Lauren’s dad

He thinks that it is weird and it should have been done by a doctor, now he understands why Laura Leigh is mad. Plus, the couple had been talking about waiting yet Lauren did not want to. Lauren feels like everyone is overreacting but there is more. They had talked about having Lisa carry the baby. At this point, her dad is team Laura Leigh, it has gotten out of control. So, how do they resolve it and what happens when Lauren is actually pregnant?

Find out when sMothered returns on August 8th on TLC.


Amanda Nowitz

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