Savannah Chrisley Updates Fans On Todd & Julie

Savannah Chrisley Updates Fans On Todd & Julie

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Savannah Chrisley gave fans an update on Todd and Julie Chrisley. They’re at the center of controversy. The couple was found guilty of bank fraud and tax evasion. They were in home confinement, and are now awaiting sentencing. Their daughter has since broken her silence about the shocking verdict.

She’s been sharing wisdom and inspirational quotes on social media. Now, she’s speaking out on her own terms ever since the verdict. It hasn’t been an easy time for the family. Read on to learn about how her parents are doing today.

Savannah Chrisley Talks About Parents [E! News | YouTube]
[E! News | YouTube]

Todd and Julie Chrisley take it “day by day”

Savannah Chrisley offered an update on her parents Todd and Julie Chrisley. Though she’s not involved with their crimes, she will have to deal with the burning questions. She opened up about them on the Monday, July 11 episode of the Chrisley Confessions podcast. The reality star admitted that her parents are taking it slow right now.

“There’s so much happening in life, I don’t even know where to begin,” Savannah Chrisley admitted in the latest episode alongside her mother, Julie. “But you just have to take [life] as it comes, and you have to take it day by day. So that’s kind of where we’re at.”

Todd & Julie Chrisley's Guilty Verdict [E! News | YouTube]
[E! News | YouTube]
The Southern beauty admitted that she’s been going through a lot this year. The family has been through great loss with the passing of Aunt Francis. They previously revealed to fans that Nanny Faye Chrisley has been diagnosed with cancer. On top of that, Savannah Chrisley ended her relationship with Nic Kerdiles.

There has been a lot going on in her life alone. Savannah didn’t directly talk about her parents’ fraud trial. However, she did call out the trolls who attacked them ever since the verdict came out. Some of them have even been calling for USA Network to cancel their series, Chrisley Knows Best.

“The things that people have said since everything has gone down is just baffling,” she admitted.

Savannah Chrisley knows the truth will come out

Despite the criticism and negativity, Savannah Chrisley is staying positive. She knows that the truth will come out eventually. The 24-year-old advised the online trolls to “do your research.” She claims there’s more to the situation than meets the eye.

“If you actually took your time to get to know… our truth and to give us a chance, then maybe you would see it a little different,” Savannah Chrisley continued.

Savannah Chrisley Remains Positive [E! News | YouTube]
[E! News | YouTube]
She couldn’t stand the “hateful” comments on her social media accounts. She admitted that it “drives me up a wall.” Savannah, along with her family, is staying positive and has a feeling they will “win in life.” The Sassy by Savannah founder knows that they “treat people right” and “stand in our truth.”

What are your thoughts on what Savannah Chrisley said about Todd and Julie? Are you surprised? Do you think the family will get through this? Sound off below in the comment section.

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  1. I feel they are not guilty. I feel they got framed in this whole thing. I also feel some or all the jurors are jealous or assumed right off the bat that they were guilty. They are honest people

  2. I feel there not guilty..I think this will be over before they go to court.iam praying for all..They know the show is a hit.and well all love the show and all the family.

  3. I don’t really know the specifics of the crime they were accused of and found guilty of. I really would need more information to say one way or the other whether they were guilty or not. I love the family and watch the show. I’m sad about their loss and concerned about Nana Faye cancer diagnosis. I want them to know that I will have them in my prayers and Hope that they will overcome this guilty verdict and will not have to do jail time but I fear that is exactly what will happen. I’m concerned about either one of them living in jail away from each other and in a jail setting. Please know that God has this and he will do his will with this situation.

  4. My God what is wrong with this country and our government ya need to go after the awful criminals you allow to walk the street killing and hurting people
    Leave these folks alone and if you are looking for tax evasion and fraud go straight to the capital the goverment full of crooks taking our tax$ everyday!

  5. I think they are a wonderful family. As far as the trolls do not judge before you know everything or you think you know everything. You should not wish bad on anybody and I hope this all works out for them because they do have a lot of great inspirational messages in their program along with love and laughter I wish them all the best.

  6. Todd and Julie I love you guys this is to the public judge you not first look at yourself we all have come short, God Be the Glory.

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