Savannah Chrisley Baffled By Negativity Plaguing Her Family

Savannah Chrisley YouTube

After being convicted of tax evasion, along with wire and bank fraud last month, Todd and Julie Chrisley are taking things one step at a time. However, the negativity and social media hatred has traumatized the family emotionally. Even their daughter Savannah Chrisley has been trying to be optimistic amid the online hatred.

Savannah Chrisley Talks About Online Hatred On Chrisley Confessions

On Monday, the reality star appeared as a guest host on the podcast Chrisley Confessions alongside mother Julie Chrisley. Addressing the hatred, Savannah said, “There’s been so much happening in life I don’t even know where to begin.”

“But you have to just take life as it comes, and you have to take it day by day, so that’s kind of where we’re at,” she explained.

Savannah Chrisley YouTube

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Although 24-year-old didn’t specifically address her parents’ fraud trial, she did slam haters who have been attacking them on social media amid the ongoing legal issues.

“It’s hard to live in the world that we live in. I feel like as time goes on, people are becoming more and more sensitive,” stated the reality star.

“And, how you’re going to become more sensitive to your emotions but less sensitive to other people’s emotions is mind-boggling to me. The things that people have said since everything has gone down are just baffling,” she added.

Chrisley Family Determined To Stay Positive Amid Legal Troubles

As per Us Weekly, the Sharknado 4 actress also asked people to refrain from handing out their opinions. She also claimed that there was more to their situation than what was being highlighted. “If you’re not going to do your research if you actually took your time to get to know… our truth and to give us a chance, then maybe you would see it a little different,” she added.

Savannah Chrisley YouTube

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The reality star also mentioned that these hateful comments being spewed toward her family “drives me up a wall.”

Regardless of their legal troubles, the Sassy by Savannah owner revealed that she & her family are determined to stay positive. She explained, “At the end of the day, we’re bound and determined to win in life,”

“It doesn’t matter all of the negative stuff that has happened. If we continue to do right, treat people right, and stand in our truth, then win,” she concluded.

Todd And Julie Chrisley Currently Under House Arrest

Last month Todd and his wife Julie were convicted on charges of bank and wire fraud along with tax evasion stemming from their 2019 indictment. Since the verdict, the Chrisley family has been vocal about how disappointed they are with the trial’s outcome. Ahead of their October 6 sentencing, the couple plans to file for a retrial. As of now, the Chrisley couple has been remanded to house arrest.

Todd and Julie Chrisley YouTube

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Regardless, fans love to watch the family’s antics on Chrisley Knows Best! If you are a fan, the show is currently airing new Season 9 episodes on USA Network. Which Chrisley family member do you love to watch? Let us know in the comments!

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  1. Hey Guys !! Just want yall to no I lift the Chrisly family up Evernote n prayer!! I have watched yalls show for the past 2 years. It was really hard for me to belive the Verdit?? The reason I followed yall because it was a Christian Base Family?? Keep praying to our God he hasn’t forgot about yall and one thing for sure he’s a Forgiving God and he nos all bout it !! Stand on Faith and Prayer will c u thru You r loved

  2. Is she serious? It was her parents choice to have their lives be on TV and in the public. It’s her choice to be on social media. Nobody is forcing her or her parents to be on social media or in the publics eye. You can’t complain about something you decided to be apart of.
    Freedom of speech words both ways. If you put out a comment on social media, always expect an opinion in return that you don’t agree with. As long as nobody is treating your lives or breaking the rules of the terms of service on whichever social media company you are using.
    These hypocrites cry and whine about everything that doesn’t go their way but when someone calls them out for their hypocrisy, they cry about receiving negativity.

    Play stupid games, win stupid prizes.

  3. I really enjoyed the show and was so sad to hear about the grandmother because she brought a lot to the show and I pray she has a speedy recovery . I do understand it has to be so hurtful for their children but we are not talking about thousands we are talking millions. I worked all my life with children and never stole anything from anyone nor did I want to. I just hope they are sincere about God because people always bring him into the equation more when something bad happens. Were they thinking WWJD when they were stealing millions??? Yes God only knows their heart and he knows the outcome but to walk away from this is so wrong in so many ways.

  4. God Bless The Chrisley Family,Yall have So Many people behind y’all. Your show makes me laugh and i don’t know y’all personally but i know y’all are a Good Family! And who are we to judge ANYONE! Only The Lord can do that so Chrisley Family I am Praying for y’all Everyday🙏🙏
    Everything will be alright. Please keep Your Faith and continue to LOVE and Support each other. God Bless Y’all🙏🙏🙏❤️❤️

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