Fans Say Chris Marek Is Better Father To Zach Roloff Than Matt?

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Little People, Big World fans gave Chris Marek high praises after yesterday’s episode aired. As TvShowsAce previously reported, LPBW fans absolutely adore how supportive he is when it comes to his wife Amy Roloff. They believe he’s been giving Amy all of the things Matt Roloff never offered her. His support of Amy, however, isn’t the only reason fans are falling hard for him. Turns out, fans also adore the way Chris Marek has been with Zach. In fact, fans have gone as far as saying that he’s become the father figure that Zach Roloff never had and always needed.

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Chris Marek: The father Zach Roloff never had?

LPBW fans have nothing but praise for Chris Marek as they’ve watched him be there for Zach time and time again. A few weeks ago, fans saw Amy Roloff’s new husband show up at Zach’s weight lifting competition. Whereas, Matt Roloff said he couldn’t go and cited COVID-19 as the reason why. Fast forward to last week’s episode, LPBW fans watched as Chris Marek was the first to check out the sandbox that Zach constructed for his children. Chris was happy to lend his knowledge and help Zach fix a small issue with the sandbox. He told the cameras that it was an opportunity for him to share some of his knowledge with Amy Roloff’s son.

On Reddit, fans adored the way Chris Marek stepped up with Zach Roloff.

One fan penned: “In the little time he’s been around he’s been a better/more supportive Father to Zach than Matt’s ever been.”

This fan continued: “He showed up to that weight lifting thing, when Matt made up a lame excuse. Chris happily teaching Zach about how to improve his sandbox, and did it in a supportive way a way that didn’t belittle Zach.”

Zach Roloff and Chris Marek

Amy and Matt Roloff share different points of view

In a recent episode, Matt Roloff explained that Zach didn’t help with projects on the property nearly as much as Jeremy did. Matt explained that Zach just didn’t show any interest in them. So, he was proud to see his son showing an interest in building projects on his own property for his family. Matt hoped he would be able to help and lend his knowledge on occasion.

Amy Roloff, however, told a slightly different version of the story a few episodes ago. She explained that her ex-husband Matt would rely more heavily on Jeremy simply because he could do the projects faster and more efficiently than Zach. Amy Roloff seemingly agreed with what fans are saying by telling the cameras she loved seeing Zach bond with Chris in a way over building things that he never got to do with his father Matt.

little people big world - amy roloff - matt roloff - Youtube
little people big world – amy roloff – matt roloff – Youtube

Do you feel that Chris Marek is giving Zach a father figure he never had? Let us know your thoughts in the comments down below. And, keep coming back for the latest on LPBW.

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  1. Matt does not value his kids/family. If he did he wouldn’t have put his farm up for sale. I feel like Matt is punishing his boys because they failed to offer $4M for the farm. What better way to hurt them but to sell the farm from under them. I lost the little respect I had for Matt. I think he’s a goof! And furthermore, I hope no one shows an interest in buying the farm at that price!

    1. The fans don’t have access to every detail of these people’s lives, nor should they be. We only see what is filmed for a TV program. Zach invited Chris to the weight lifting competition & Zach gave his father the impression no one could come to cheer him on because of Covid. They all, just like the rest of us, have made mistakes as parents, children, ex’s and steps. Zach expects his father to put him first, while Zach is putting the farm over his Father. They both should make the best of the time and opportunities they have been blessed with.

      1. Try taking your own advice. You tell people they don’t know everything and not to judge…right before you did the EXACT SAME THING to Zach like you know him personally. Why should your opinion matter over the original poster? Judging by your wording you are just another judgmental “Christian.” Quotes added because i don’t believe true Christians behave or judge like you. Cafeteria Christian is what you are. Disgusting! Judgment day should be shocking for you. Enjoy!

  2. I can’t believe how people are turning on Matt?? Matt’s brain is what made all them rich period. Matt gave Zach a chance to take the farm over but Zack is too lazy. And why did Amy sell her side to the kids. She wanted her money too and she got more than a fair price but everyone I’d dogging out Matt. Wake up people ???

  3. Matt is always a business man, but when he “negotiated” that larger sum to his kids, that was outrages, and Ms Caryn stay out of it

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