Fans Loathe Seeing Chris Marek & Matt Roloff Double-Team Amy

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There are a lot of things Little People, Big World fans absolutely adore about Chris Marek. They love the way he lifts his wife Amy up by considering both her wants and needs. Fans also adore how Chris has stepped into this fatherly role that Zach never really had with Matt. There, however, is one major personality flaw with Amy Roloff’s new husband that LPBW fans don’t care for. According to chatter on both Reddit and Instagram, fans have taken great issue with Chris’ habit of double-teaming Amy when he’s hanging out with Matt Roloff.

Fans don’t like seeing Chris Marek and Matt Roloff double-team Amy

LPBW fans admit they are a bit baffled as to why Chris Marek is trying so hard to be friends with his wife’s ex-husband. Most fans argue that a “normal” husband wouldn’t want his wife to be anywhere near someone she was once intimate with. Chris, however, seems to genuinely enjoy his friendship with Matt Roloff.

Matt Roloff - Chris marek - Caryn Chandler Amy Roloff Youtube
Matt Roloff – Chris marek – Caryn Chandler Amy Roloff Youtube

On both Reddit and Instagram,  fans call attention to the shift in Chris’ behavior when he’s near Matt. Fans note that Chris Marek almost seems to pick Matt’s side when they get into a three-way conversation. Moreover, fans don’t care for how it feels like the current and former husband are double-teaming Amy Roloff.

I have loved Chris up until tonight’s episode he kinda give me a bone to pick… When Chris gets around Matt Amy all of a sudden becomes the butt of the joke and this is just not sitting right with me!!! She has valid feelings Matt put her through Hell the constant making fun of her In Matt’s presence is making Matt even more of a Monster!!!!”

The fan above went on to question if Chris was only being nice to Matt so he could be his real estate agent for the chunk of his property he’s trying to sell. Other fans, however, argued that motive was unlikely as Chris usually only worked with $300-$400K listings and Matt’s property was a bit out of his depth.

Amy Roloff/Chris Marek/Matt Roloff/Instagram/YouTube
Amy Roloff/Chris Marek/Matt Roloff/Instagram/YouTube

Could the relationship be staged?

Now, there is a strong possibility Matt Roloff and Chris Marek are not as close as this season of LPBW wants fans to believe. Some fans speculate the interaction between current and former husbands could simply be staged by production to create drama for the show. Noticeably, fans are so frustrated with the way Chris is acting on the show, however, that they are calling him out directly in Amy’s comments on Instagram too.

Do you agree that Chris Marek seems to pick on Amy while siding with Matt when they are hanging out with him? Do you think he needs to have more respect for the space Amy needs from her ex-husband? Let us know if you agree with what LPBW fans have to say in the comments down below. And, keep coming back for the latest spoilers, rumors, and news on the Roloff family.

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  1. Chris does change around Matt and it is sadly, not complimentary. I hope he learns to defend and support his wife more instead playing the bro to Matt.

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