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‘Big Brother’ Paloma Aguilar Has Officially Left The House?

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There has been a lot of drama on Big Brother the last week especially involving Paloma Aguilar. As of now, there are reports that Paloma has left the game.

Big Brother Paloma Aguilar has seemingly left

There is drama in the Big Brother house! As of Wednesday night, it’s reported that Paloma has decided to leave the house Big Brother Network reports.

Apparently, she has not been seen on the live feeds since yesterday (Wednesday) at around 2 p.m.

While no one has made mention in the house of her absence, Ameerah and Kyle were heard discussing how much they need her to stay in the game. However, later, Kyle was also heard mentioning that production did talk to Paloma yesterday. Then, as they do any time something major is going on in the house, the live feed cameras were shut off.

Big Brother | Youtube
Big Brother | Youtube

Since then, reports have been flying from sources that Paloma is no longer a part of the game.

The Drama with Taylor

Of course, it’s important to note that there has been quite a bit of drama between Paloma and Taylor Hale, another houseguest. Currently, Taylor is up for eviction. However, not everyone agrees with the ‘bad girl’ image that she has been portrayed to give off. In fact, after watching live feeds, some think that she was given a pretty bad edit.

“So @CBSBigBrother has chosen to ignore the bad press they’ve received this week about the mistreatment of Taylor Hale in the house. Instead, they are editing her in an unfair way that obscures the situation. Typical. #BB24,” someone writes on Twitter.

Paloma originally made it known to most of the house that she doesn’t think Taylor is a good person. Unfortunately, it seems that the show has been cut to make viewers at home believe that too.

Because of the influence of Paloma and the other houseguests, Taylor was put on the block this week as a replacement nominee.

Big Brother, Paloma, Taylor Hale | Youtube
Taylor Hale | Youtube

Is this why Paloma left?

While there’s no way to know just yet, Paloma could have been asked to leave for microaggression against Taylor.

Of course, if Paloma really has left, there’s no telling exactly what will happen with eviction night or if anyone will go home. Especially considering she was a ‘backstage’ member which came with a new set of secret rules.

Why do you think Paloma Aguilar might have let the Big Brother house? Let us know your thoughts on her and the rest of the houseguests in the comments below. Come back for more Big Brother news.

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