‘Jeopardy!’ Ben Coller Robbed By Poor & Wimpy Game Play?

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The popular game show Jeopardy! has been anything but boring for the fans. But something changed in the latest episode as fans dubbed the episode starring a returning champion ‘boring.’

The players’ tactics were too shielded, lowering the game’s intensity single-handedly.

Ben Coller Wagers Mere $3000 For Final Jeopardy!

Jeopardy!’s July 12 episode saw lawyer & returning champion Steve Clarke competing against Tehmeena Malik, a business developer, and Ben Coller, a history teacher. As the game made its way into Final Jeopardy!, Steve bagged the lead position at $10,000.

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Show host Mayim Bialik presented the final category: “Pairs in astronomy.” The Big Bang Theory star read the clue, “Discovered in 1877, they were named for siblings of the Greek god of love.”

As per The Sun, the history teacher immediately chimed in with the correct answer, “What are Phobos and Deimos?”

However, Ben had only wagered $3000 for the question, which still left him $7000 short of Steve’s total. On the other hand, Steve incorrectly guessed the answer to the question, “What are Sagittarius?” However, the lawyer had already protected his lead by wagering a mere $1. Several viewers were deceived by the players’ cheap defensive wagering tactics.

Fans Dub Ben’s Move A ‘Terrible Strategy’

Fans were quick to react to this move as one wrote on social media, “A wimpy Final Jeopardy! wager cost Ben the win.”

Another chimed in, stating, “If Ben had bet it all at the end, he would have won. Terrible strategy.”

A third wished lawyer Steve should have risked more as they wrote, “Steve is such a boring champion,” while a fourth fan slammed Steve’s $1 bet declaring it a “dumb wager.”

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Even though viewers didn’t feel for Steve’s tactics on the game show, he managed to walk away with a whopping $19,000. His two-day total now comes at $38,400. His first-day win was a narrow escape from defeat after he bagged the winner’s title by just $2. He defeated Robert Won, a math professor, in the Final Jeopardy! round.

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Steve precisely calculated the best move to take over the then-reigning champion in the episode, where it came down to the buzzer. After the latest episode, Steve will be back again to try & continue his winning streak.

Who Will Be The Game Show’s Permanent Host: Mayim Or Ken?

Jeopardy!’s hosting duties are now divided between actress Mayim Bialik and former show champion Ken Jennings. Fans have been wondering who the show’s permanent host will be, with mixed reactions for both. The game show’s executive producer Michael Davies recently hinted that the permanent host would soon be disclosed. He also added that the show might have multiple hosts as they plan on creating different variants of the game show to cater to their audience.

Fans can now get tickets to the show’s studio audience for Season 39. So, if you haven’t got your tickets, the time is now! And, do let us know your thoughts on the latest Jeopardy! episode.


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