‘Tainted’ Amy Roloff Prepares To Say Goodbye Forever

Matt Roloff and Amy - YouTube

Amy Roloff says the whole situation involving her ex-husband Matt and Roloff Farms feels “tainted” as she prepares to say goodbye forever. During tonight’s episode of LPBW, things get tense between former TLC husband and wife as Matt accuses Amy of bringing “animosity” into the situation. What happened exactly? Keep reading for LPBW spoilers.

Warning: Article contains spoilers from Season 23, Episode 9 

“Tainted” Amy Roloff prepares to say goodbye forever

As TvShowsAce reported early today, a sneak preview from tonight’s episode revealed Amy Roloff is currently drowning in heartache and sorrow. Matt Roloff’s decision means the loss of the family legacy and his ex-wife is really not happy with the situation.

At the beginning of the episode, Amy Roloff and her husband Chris were having a friendly chat with Matt. Amy, however, ended up storming off as the conversation became uncomfortable. She wasn’t happy with Matt’s sudden decision to do things on the property he refused to do when they were together and she wanted it to happen.

Matt Roloff - Chris marek - Caryn Chandler Amy Roloff Youtube
Matt Roloff – Chris Marek – Caryn Chandler Amy Roloff Youtube

Matt, however, explained to the cameras that paving the driveway didn’t add any value to the property when the family was living on it. Paving the driveway does add value as he moves forward with plans to put the property on the market. With Matt having a solid plan on when he wants to have the property done and listed. Amy makes it clear she isn’t interested in being part of the discussion anymore.

Refusing to return to the property?

Amy Roloff tells anyone who will listen to her during tonight’s episode how “sad” it is that Matt has made this decision. She believes he should have just held on to the property for a while longer and let their children change their minds. She, however, believes he shouldn’t have approached selling some of the property to his son Zach or his son Jeremy with such a businessman approach. Amy Roloff’s best friend agrees that the way Matt handled the situation was shameful.

Amy Roloff - Matt - YouTube
Amy Roloff – Matt – YouTube

Talking to both the cameras and her husband Chris, Amy admits that she will have no desire to return to the property once things move forward. She won’t be able to look at it the same way and she won’t want to be there when someone who isn’t family owns part of the property.

Do you understand why Amy Roloff is so upset about the decision Matt has made? Do you think he should have tried harder to make a deal with one of his sons? Let us know in the comments down below. And, keep coming back for the latest on LPBW.

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  1. It is such a difficult situation. The children have gone their separate ways. If Jeremy and Zach bought the farm together would they and wives get along? I think he should make another attempt and see who can afford it. If that doesn’t work, then he can sell. He is only selling part of it. Amy walked away. My husband thinks that Chris is going to buy the farm.

    1. Chris buying the farm would be perfect solution! But can anyone afford the market price it’s insane these days in real estate.

      1. I believe Chris has the money. After all he is in Real Estate. I can understand Amy’s position, she really has no say now but only to agitate her kids against Matt and she will do that. I hope it gets resolved soon. Love the show. However, Zach should get a job.

        1. Your right Zack and Tori are ungratefuld need to get a job. They are mooches. Living large off this show.

          1. Really? What is wrong with being able to support your family off a show you’re involved with. These are thier children’s informative years!!

          2. Little people big world IS Zack‘s job! He and his children are the “little people” of the show. I Tune in to watch them, and I love their interaction with Amy and Chris. I despise Matt and Karen! Karen stole Matt from Amy, And took on the role of grandmother to the grandkids and now she’s stealing the farm from her. I’ll Hope TLC will write them out of the show! And I like the idea of Chris buying the

          3. How insane are these suggestions than Tory and Zack are Moochers. Who’s paying you people to say stupidness? Zack had his job but dropped it to help his Father run the Farm after all Matt Other Kids moved on with their lives. Neither of Zack brothers and sisters want anything to do with their Father. And that’s it. Matt is just a horrible person, Period!

          4. I always thought the same thing about Tori and Zach, I don’t think neither of them have ever had a real job🤔. Where do they get all there cash from? I get the feeling Zack just thought it was a gimme that Matt was gonna just sign the title to the farm over to him. Let’s not forget, Matt is a 100 percent business Man, family or not. I think they should try to compromise on something though to keep the farm in the family. There seems to be plenty of farm land to make everyone happy, just saying😊

          5. That’s ridiculous! The show is their job and taking care of. Those children is not an easy task. Stop bashing the kids and look at Matt and Karen, who has caused the family rift. Cheaters who are acting like matters. Like they did nothing. Amy was a wonderful mom while Matt was out getting pulled over for drunk driving .

          6. This will be the last episode of this show I’ll ever watch. Amy could have kept her part of the farm. She chose not to —and now says she wouldn’t have if she’d known Matt would ever sell to someone outside of the family? Amy, you could have 1. Kept your half and given all of it to your kids, 2. Negotiated with Matt that you were offering a long-term lease agreement on your half/portion. You did neither. Now you want to throw Matt under the bus because HE doesn’t want to keep the “legacy” going by continuing to work for the rest of his life so that the kids would always have the farm? If it was so important, why didn’t you do that from the beginning? I say please… for the love of mercy, stop talking about Matt being awful and if you want to be mad and resentful toward anyone, look in the mirror. Zach and Tori both display such hatefulness and entitlement with anything regarding Matt. Matt is not the problem. I wish Matt and Caryn all the best and hope that they get their own show, or at the very least, are able to remove themselves from the Amy and Zach created blame game.

          1. Tory is a school teacher & Zach teaches soccer. If y’all are true watchers of the show you’d know that. Duh?

          2. Really!!! What’s it any of your business where they get their money. Zach worked with his dad. Tori was a teacher but decided to take leave for while to be with her kids. Now if they living off their paycheck from show….ITS A PAYCHECK ITS A JOB.. really no different then actors living off what they make doing TV or movies. SMH……you ppl are ridiculous ..they seem to be paying their own way with their..PAYCHECK!!!

        2. I totally agree, get a job or use the $$ you made of the show and quit being a victim. A lot of kids yr age can’t afford half of what you have. Greedy kids.

          1. You all need to worry about your jobs!! Your just jealous because you can’t live like them!!

          2. In my opinion, Matt is money hungry. From what Amy has said the amount Matt paid her sure was not close to the amount he’s asking for the farm. And if she’d have known she would have asked for more. The farm should stay in the family, Karen needs to stay out of any negotiations. As she has said herself, Matt and Karen are not engaged, just dating. They have never said who paid for the house in Arizona, and I imagine Matt paid for it. He wants to build some huge house on the property, which Karen made the comment that the money he gets for the farm would pay for it. I am also of the opinion that if he told the boys he wanted millions for the property neither one could afford that kind of money. And I don’t hold it against Tori or Zach if they work or not. And it’s really none of our business. Zach may receive disability checks for all we know. And why not get pd for the show? I sure would not want a camera crew in my face 24 7. Would hate that. I still think Tori and Zach should get the farm. They could pay Matt an amt every month to live there. Their kids would have a ball. But, Matt would be sticking his nose into everything…..just saying.

          3. Matt and Amy built Roloft farms with a lot of hard work! Yes, the kids helped, but if you had ever taken a look at that beautiful house they built, I couldnt believe it. Here you have 4 kids and the place was a pigsty. The stairs were so full of junk you could barelyget up them. The kids bedrooms, the bathrooms were awful! They kept the downstairs a little better because thats what we saw most, but there were piles of junk everywhere! I cant believe those kids were allowed to live this way! On one episode we saw Zack rummaging through the dirty clothes on the floor trying to find something to wear! I have a lot of respect for their daughter. She got married and left. Zack has never had a job, but he has just bought his second house. His wife isnt working, she has 3 little kids. They would never have had any of this if it wasnt for Zack’s parents. The entitlement these
            two have is mind boggling!
            Their 3 children are probably going to need a lot of medical attention as they grow up. They should be thinking about that. They act like there is a never ending supply of money. This show isnt going to last forever!
            PS I dont know what state Tori got her teaching degree in, but if she is living in a different state, she wont be allowed to teach until she completes some courses in the state she lives now!

          4. They all make money from the show,so they do have jobs..I think that they are doing a great job with buying a house and raising 3 kids..Not many young couple’s can say the same thing,so yes they are doing a fantastic job..Love your family & the show..

          1. I think that Amy should buy the farm back, not Chris. I agree, keep the farm.

          2. If anyone can remember they are told what to say at times even if it’s not true that’s why the youngest boy never wanted to be on the program they have to make it interesting to watch the program think of your own life you’ll be boring at times on TV if you are doing a program I don’t mind would be I like watching Little People Big World it is interesting

        3. Yes , Zack should get a job, how will he take care of his family when this boring show is canceled, he has no degree barely made it out of high school . He should be focusing on the future with a pay check

          1. I agree with you. Zach and his wife should get jobs.
            Tori was and educator and Zach was coaching soccer. Let them be useful in the fields they have chosen instead of having babies back to back.

          2. Do you think you know everything they do? You see an hour and think you know everything about them. Zach and Tori moved on for their children. Stop watching.😎

          3. How do you know he “barely” made it out of high school? Look who is rude and ignorant. Have u seen report cards. Smh He is extremely talented and handy, works for TLC with a camera in his face 24/7; his wife is a kindergarten teacher.. judgemental much?

        4. Zach is just like his mother. They both have a bitter distain toward Matt. It’s A shame. God forbid if anything happens to Matt that would haunt Zack for the rest of his life. I pray they get it right. The love of money is the root of all evil, the keyword love of money.

        5. Why shouldn’t Matt get to sell the property he owns? Amy sold out to him, she’s walking away with money in her pocket so why is Matt making money on the deal any worse then her selling out?
          They both have issues and seem to be happy with new partners, but Amy’s self righteous BS annoys me.

      2. Chris has no intention of buying the farm. Chris is probably living off Amy. I hope Jeremy is able to purchase the land next to his farm.

        1. Lol Chris has a great job and he has more money than Amy as Matt hasn’t paid her yet for the last part of her side of farm.

          1. I think Amy should take possession of her part again since Matt still hasn’t paid her for it. And Caryn needs to go away! I can’t stand watching her at all, Matt either after this. Matt has always been a selfish jerk..

        2. Chris is wealthy on his own right. Big time realtor. I hoped he would buy. Maybe Matt will give him deal since their buddies

          1. Yes, he talks a big game about the family legacy, but he just wants money.

      3. I think matt sgould give the boys a chase..they both went to him and wanted it but he wanted more tgen what they wanted to pay for it..and i think the boys wifes would be fine..i have never seen them get into a bad fight or anything..

        1. I think karen got in matts ear. He had no intention of selling to twins. Sad cause it would have been cool for grandkids to play where their parents grew up playing. I realize its matts to do as he wants. But i feel he got greedy. Screw the legacy right karen?

          1. Great insight Nene! Thanks for saying what needs to be said about Karen, she is the problem behind the entire situation. And think she was the motivation for Matt desiring the divorce.

        2. I never liked Amy before. She treated Matt badly, talked badly about him to her kids. Zach was the only dwarf and she turned him against Matt. Now I am really upset with Matt. That was a fabulous farm and he could have sold it to one of the boys. Made the payments affordable so all the grandkids could play. He is doing this to hurt Amy.

      4. I wish Chris could buy the farm to some how keep it in the family someway because it’s a shame Matt would not work out a deal with his own children are his exwfie Amy at least.

        1. Chris buy the farm! Lol, that’s hilarious. Chris helped Amy find her new home as her real estate agent, and then waited for her to close the deal on her own and then gave her an ultimatum to get rid of her clutter or the wedding would be delayed or off. If they were engaged why didn’t they purchase their future home together? That doesn’t sound like a person willing or able to purchase the farm. It sounds like a opportunist to me. That’s why he insists on being friends with Matt regardless of how it affected Amy, he has a closet agenda regarding Amy and Matt!

      5. Nobody sees that Matt probably did all of this to get better TV ratings…probably starting with his divorce. He created this drama intentionally and it’s backfiring on him…even drawing close to chris to upset Amy. Chris should not be so quick to take the bait. He thinks that it’s funny. He should respect Amy. Everybody should leave the show and let him do it by himself. It is sad.

      1. I think Jeremy would of been perfect to run the farm. Zack is too lazy and I don’t like how he and his wife is treating Matt. I think Matt should of lower the price of the farm.

          1. I agree!! Matt is the greedy one!! He pushed amy to hurry up and sell her part for far less than she should have gotten because it was going to be sold to one of the twins. Only for matt to turn around and want more than what his kids could afford!!

          2. Amy is a little sh$t herself! Those boys don’t know how to run that farm! They would run it right into the ground
            Amy – mind your own business!
            Matt is right to sell it.

        1. I agree but i do think the house should be split in half like a deluxe townhouse one half for zach and the other for Jeremy. There’s enough rm for both.the GARAGE is huge you can make another kitchen and living area . and both can run the farm . its a win win situation. And matt should make it a rent to own to both the twins he get his 4 millions in time with payments . this way matt can step away little by little and still be in the background. Because we all know he loves to create things.

    2. I don’t think so, Matt has the finances to keep up the farm it’s a great expense. He has employees …repairs..animals..acres of land which are beautifully cared for+so many other expensive obligations. Certainly doesn’t hesitate to add or repair whatever is needed. I’m not in anyway a fan of Matt but give credit where it is due. As far as Amy being so uptight about the asphalt pavement being added at this point shouldn’t be of any concern to her. She brings up many memories of examples of what she experienced in the past which isn’t healthy and also uncomfortable to watch and whomever are present!! If she’s uncomfortable with certain situations she shouldn’t put herself in that position! Amy is as happy as she claims she should let go of the bitterness it’s not fair to Chris I’m sure,to listen to some of her remarks involving her past during conversations with friends and others!!

      There comes a time in our lives when we have to let go of the past and appreciate the future, by the way she had the opportunity to buy him out or sell it to Matt for more than she did ( she knows his priorities are let’s make a deal that makes Matt the most money)that she admitted in previous episodes! Amy finds it very difficult to control her true emotions,her posture and facial expressions are evident in many seasons and episodes!!

      1. You are so right when it comes to Amy’s disposition. She doesn’t sound like someone who is happy. I feel bad for her new husband. I stop watching the show because of her.

        1. I don’t believe that Amy is really being uptight. She’s thinking about the time of she and Matt marriage when she suggested the same things that he is so willing to do with his girlfriend. Do not forget that when she was doing all of those speaking engagements and being a teacher, Matt was utilizing her money to. Matt did not build that farm from just his sweat, but from the sweat of his children. They were working on the farm to. Matt is a manipulative con artist and he is a dictator. He even used Jeremy and Zack friends. Who on God’s green earth is going to work for $10 or $15? especially the type of labor he had them doing.

      2. Wow rude! You would probably have the same looks finding out your husband was a cheat us a thief with money for the sale. Especially when he thinks such a small portion is worth so much. Can you say loser?

        1. What are you talking about. Jeremy paid 1.5 million for 4 acres and Zack paid almost a million for 2 acres. Zack expected Matt to sell him that huge home plus 30 acres which Matt changed that to 16 acres for alittle more than what he paid Amy four years ago. Real estate has been going up alot since then. Also, Zack didn’t really get that involved in the running of the farm til he decided he wanted to throw his hat into buying the farm. Matt knows better about everything that goes into completely running the farm. He has spent millions building that farm and business to be able to make money for all of them. Could any of them have qualified to get the financing to build up that farm to what it is today? I don’t think so. And in the long run, he has 4 kids. It’s not fair to offer something to one kid without thinking of the others. People are implying that Matt push Amy out but if you go back and watch some episodes when Zack decided he was interested in possibly buying Amy’s part of the farm, he was pushing Amy to leave the farm because he said he knew nothing could move forward til she did. Chris also told her it was time to move forward. If Amy wasn’t always so distrustful of Matt and implying that he had ulterior motives she could have worked with both Jeremy and Zack and purchased that side of the farm with Chris included. Matt is a brilliant businessman He can plan things and make quick decisions based on his business knowledge. I think Chris is that way too, that’s the connection he has with Matt. Amy’s first reaction to most of Matt’s plans and projects from the beginning has been to disagree because she didn’t know whether it was worth the cost. If he backed down everytime she disagreed with his plans. They wouldn’t have gotten very far. He goes with what he knows and he’s been pretty successful and provided the opportunity for all of them to make money. Zack thinks like his mom. Before he was even a partner he was complaining when Matt spent money on things for the farm. I thought, Wow, it’s not even his money. Who is he to complain. Since no one saw that negotiations between them, we have no idea what Matt’s price was. It hasn’t been stated anywhere. Matt implied that Zack came in demanding and not willing to negotiate. I believe that just by listening to Zack say he wasnt going to let his dad control the situation because he’s controlled things for too long. Talk about arrogant. Since when does the buyer demand or control the terms of a sale. If you don’t like it, family or not, then you look elsewhere. I think Matt has spent thousands of dollars since they bought that place to make it as enjoyable as he could for his children and grandchildren. I’m extremely disappointed in Zack and Tori for bad mouthing Matt and Caren because they didn’t get their way. Jeremy’s offer wasn’t accepted either but I never heard one word against his dad from him or his wife and Jeremy did more work on the farm for much longer than Zack. Jeremy could actually build things, repair things and knew how to use every piece of equipment on the farm. The biggest thing Zack did was start doing the personal tours. I love this show and have been watching it for years. But I also have seen in many families the kids expecting things using the fact that they ate the kids or trying to guilt the parents with the grandkids. Not fair. We all know how involved Caren and Matt have been in Jackson and Lila’s life. They saw them and took care of them all the time. And for Amy and the rest of them to act like they have no legacy left. Matt still has 93 acres. Who can blame him for wanting to downsize at his age. Physically he pretty much needs to hire all work done there as he always has. Why should he miss the opportunity to make as much money as possible on the open market for his retirement if his kids don’t want to accept his offer which I’m sure was fair. Through their selfishness, they may miss out on their inheritance. Like he said, he has four kids to consider.

      3. Amy just doesn’t want Matt do any she doesn’t approve of.they are divorced she needs to leave him alone

      4. I agree with you. It is hard on Amy. Chris is really good for Amy and is there for her. I feel really sad for her as she has to go through this. Of course it is not healthy. Hugs for Amy.

    3. Matt is planing his future. He is designing a new house. He has a place in AZ. He visits. He is selling part of the property that he owns. Amy on the other hand doesn’t seem to do anything except birch about anything he does. Nothing to do but gripe. Get a life lady and move on. If it wasn’t for her griping, they wouldn’t have anything to film about her..

      1. The last time says it all. Would anyone watch if there wasn’t drama. How much of the show is real, and how much is written by the show.

        1. You are right , I was thinking the same thing Katleen we gotta remember this is a show and who knows what is real and what is not ? I have lost interest in the show the last 2 episodes 😕 this season is not as good as I thought it was going to be , I think Amy needs to move on and live happy with her new husband and forget about trying to change her ex husband’s mind about things that are not related to her anymore.

      2. Are you serious? Matt was nothing but an asshole toward her, he had an affair with Caryn causing their divorce! Homewrecker, from the beginning of the show all he talked about was leaving the farm to his kids or preparing them to take it over some day, Caryns influence had a big part of it, just wait her kids will end up with it! I wish matt and Caryn would get kicked off the show! Caryn is a money hungry homewrecker!! She needed to stay out of the negotiating between father and son

        1. Amy is the asshole. I don’t give her marriage much success. All she does is whine about Matt and the farm. She needs to get over self and her damn jealousy and move on.
          They were a toxic mix anyway.
          If the boys really really wanted the farm they could have made counter-offers. I don’t know what alternate reality they are living in. Plus I don’t see either one of the boys that motivated. They would run the farm into the ground because they have no business skills or business acumen. Matt should sell the farm. I am so sick of Amy’s big mouth and her bitching and moaning. She needs a muzzle.

          1. When Matt and Amy were still married Matt would bring Karen in when Matt and Amy were having discussions about their relationship and what was going on on the farm so yes I do believe he was with Karen before there was ever any talk of a divorce that’s why he never wanted to go on vacation with them there at last he was always with him before but it last couple episodes before they divorced sorry Seasons before they divorced he quit going on vacations I believe he was with Karen it is not Amy Matt is an a****** he should have sold the farm to one of the boys

        2. She is a
          GOLD DIGGER 🤦🏾‍♀️
          I hope she get kicked off the show. Better than that,? I hope the show ends because I have lost interest. It was enjoyable when the kids were growing up on the farm and their friends were there with them.
          It is sooooooo boring

        3. I agree with you! They were married for 24 yrs, she was the one raising the kids, going to hosp with Zach. You don’t see Matt at the hospital. And Amy’s dad used to come and do things for Matt all the time in the old days. And do all the public speaking, had a business. What did Matt do other than drive around like he does now. Amy has plenty to be bitter about. She wants the kids treated fairly which would be the honest thing to do. My family had the same situation and my father made it fair for everyone. And I think hanky panky went on with Matt and Karen. So I can see why Amy is bitter. All she has done for the family. Hes a creep and more. Selfish man.

      1. I have much love and support for Amy. She is accepting her ex-husbands infidelity with the help better than I would. I think Karyn is putting a watch in there and Matt to me looks confused, like reality of what he has done is finally sinking in.

        1. It has not been proven by any means Matt cheated in Amy. The speculations are from her mouth.
          She’s a pain in my ass.

    4. Matt has been a complete insensitive person through all of this. From splitting with Amy and how he handled that situation. To how he handles his kids. He has shown no love just a straight rude businessman. I get being a business man is good, but not at the cost of losing his family for money. I would love to see Chris and Amy buy all of it and let Matt and Karen move full time to Arizona. Chris and Amy could have all their kids their with them and prep them to inherit the farm in the end. Let Matt and Karen have all their money and leave everyone else at peace for a change.

    5. Matt wants 4million for 16 acres. Matt should have sold it to one of his kids. Matt is just being petty. Heck Johnny Cashs house is only 1 million. It sounds like Matt should not be around the grand kids. Jeremy and Zack got screwed over by there Dad. Not the way to go Matt.

    6. I think that has been Chris intention all alone. Never trusted him from the beginning. Or karen Matt is just looking thur rose colored glasses

    7. The children did NOT go their separate ways! They were pushed out by the narcissist dad!! Of course they want it-season 15 they all talk about how to take it over the right way! Matt is pathetic that he is trying to turn it around saying the kids are doing other things-BECAUSE YOU FORCED THEM TO because you WERE NOT A DAD and made sure it would go to your children! Matt and that fake ass girlfriend are just money hungry!!!

      1. The kids get it all when he croaks anyway. Whatever’s left. Zach is useless. Can’t run farm that’s why Matt said no. The third boy will move in. The one who was diddled and just had a baby.

      2. I agree but Amy’s could give her part to the kids but she’s money hungry to she should counter sue for more money from Matt if she wants the farm for kids and who’s today Matt will leave anything to his kids he’s got greedy Caryn sticking to his side like glue waiting in the wings to get it all for herself and her kids. Bottom line Matt needs to get business in order and make sure all his kids get what they deserve. We will all see that’s for sure.

    8. I have been watching this show from the very beginning. I think Matt has always been a been a selfish and greedy person. I don’t know why Jeremy and Zach didn’t go together and put in an offer for the farm. I know the wives don’t get along but they don’t have to live on top of each other the place is big enough and Jeremy has always been the hands on helper and Zach was the helper with the pumpkin patch together they could make it work. I know they bought other places right now but they would have equity right now and with the help of Chris and their Mom they could do it.

    9. Why would u spend basically a life time building something. Constantly telling your kids this is yours. Then when their old enough, able to. Go out of your way to get rich off the kids. You bought it from Amy for peanuts. Now turn and want to make millions off the boys. Why.?? My grandparents talked about similar family property in our family. He didnt sell it to his kids. Gave, YES GAVE, land to his 2 boys and the family home to my mom. Family hands down not get rich off family with a dam screw job.

    10. THAT WOULD BE FANTASTIC..This has no bearing on comments but I honestly believe Matt was seeing Miss C while married to Miss Amy, he is a Narcissist.. I have NO RESPECT FOR EITHER HER (Miss C/Matt) 💋or Matt, the SHOW SHOULD BE CANNED IF Amy Leaves..one more opinion I AM SO THANKFUL AMY HAS CHRIS..🙏❣️

    11. I always felt Matt was a snake in the grass…he’s the gum on the bottom of my shoe now…I’m not watching this show anymore. What he did to his family is unforgivable. Watch out Karen….you’re next. $$$ means more to him than family…

    12. Yes I feel Matt should of went to there children and gave them a chance to say if they want to buy the farm so it could stay in the family. But we all are human and we do make mistakes and that will be one Matt will have to live with if the farm sells. But he also can back out of the deal and talk with his kids and let them buy it if that’s what they want. Because of what I have read Zac and Tory wants to buy it so he should talk with the kids first and give them a shot in buying it.

    13. Wow! Lots of assumptions going on here about a TV family none of you know in person!

      Matt definitely should’ve tried harder to make a deal with his children. And Amy is 1000% right you negotiate with family differently than outside people.
      Matt is a control freak and he has met his match with ‘Karen’. She’s in it for one thing.
      And as far as calling anyone a moocher. Really? The show revolves around the family. Not Matt.
      I think Matt is a jerk. Saying the farm was a family legacy, yet not making it happen.

  2. I think the wife should get a grip on life and move forward,,,I don’t understand why someone should have so much sorrow over a piece of land when you can’t take it to the grave with you,,,,and money is the root of all evil,,,,

    1. Never mind her always crying poor mouth. Those lazy kids wanted the farm without putting in the work.

      1. OMG that’s what they have done most they’re lives. Thinking as adults it would be passed on. Most you people are so judgemental it’s pathetic.

        1. I agree with you and most can’t spell either but I think the kids should have gotten the farm they worked hard on it an was promised then life changed for mom an dad because dad fell for a money hungry ho

    2. It’s not about Amy but what Matt has told the kids since childhood. He said it the entire time the show has been on that the children & grands would get it.
      If Matt felt neither son was capable of running it why didn’t he train them? He taught them how to do chores & build non-stop!!! The pumpkin patch isn’t being sold any way. Matt is full of BS.

    3. Because she took less &$ on the buyout SO THEY WOULD NOT HAVE TO SELL TO A STRANGER. She trusted that he was going to make sure it stayed in the family, but his girlfriend wants that $$$$. He always talked about the legacy of the family farm and how what he started should be passed down to generation to generation-then that fake girlfriend came along and now he didn’t “sell” it to his kids-he is a true narcissist!!

    4. Place for herself she’s not trying to take it with her she wants it for her children and her grandchildren which I understand that Matt thread to he’s ridiculous he’s always been greedy he is going to stay greedy until the day he dies

  3. I completely understand why she is upset, but she was married to him for years to know his willing to keep the fair and sell it high. That is who he is and the heck with the kids and legacy. Zack would of bought it at the fair price he once said, but when the houses went sky high he changed his mind to reap more money and the heck with his kids and so called legacy. He would of still had his money just not what he could get. He is selfish in that way and Amy should of put that in her anger. I agree and just as mad if it was a legacy for my kids and what he always promised

    1. No winners eventually a problem if one child gets such a lucrative property
      Better to sell off. Money will tear a family apart

    2. Had Zach left the show like his siblings, there would not have been a show. Matt wouldn’t have the money he has. He is an ungrateful man.

      1. I agree. Matt always said that the farm would be the kids someday,if he where going to make them pay for it he should of let them know that so they could be saving for it all these years.

    3. Matt is a control freak who cares about himself more than family.
      Proud of Amy. Yall don’t need to be friends with him and the one he cheated with. All he talked about for years was LEGACY. Maybe the boys couldn’t afford the farm sooner. And you don’t charge family the same.
      Like Amy said she would not have sold it so cheap to you.
      You are a miserable old man. Say one thing do another. And that gal friend won’t be around when you’re older. She’ll take your money and run.

        1. Read Amy’s memoir. She said she saw inappropriate emails between them while they were still married!!! Matt & Amy were Caryn’s bosses for over 10 yrs!!!

      1. That’s oh so true, all matt thinks about is “MONEY, MONEY, MONEY” how he can make the old mighty dollar. n his girlfriend should mine her dam business n keep out of it. It’s about his kids n all matt AGAIN thinks about is how much money he can get. Well good luck I hope NO BODY GIVES YOU WHAT YOUR ASKING FOR. Amy I am with you, matt is always looking out for Matt n what’s in it for him n the hell with everyone else. Stand your ground Amy he is always trying to put the blame on you n NEVER ON HIMSELF.

      2. Joni you are so right Promised to kids then backs out. The least he can do is split the money and make sure each has a equal amount.Becuase with Caryn their she will make sure she gets it all. Maybe Amy should have took Matt to court on that buyout because he knew it was worth more he’s so greedy piss poor dad he is.

    4. I agree, I think Matt is going to be a lonely old man some day, and karma is going to bite him in his butt ! No kids or grandkids to visit him all because of greed !


      1. I think when Matt offer her the money to buy her out she should have offered her kids the same deal this would have prevented the bs that’s going on right now

        1. That’s hindsight. How was she to know he was going to dupe the kids? Those kids are done with him. Like Zach said, when Matt sent out the family email not one of them reaponded!!

    1. Carolyn wants him to sell it. Her and her heard will reap the rewards. The Rolloff kids won’t get anything.

    2. I agree I feel like Caryn needs to mind her own business. I wouldn’t be surprised to see one of her kids living on the farm. She is definitely money hungry.

      1. Tottally obvious she is money hingry and a huge hypocrite. Hope he leaves money to the kids and not her.

        1. I’m not a big fan of the show but Matt has been involved with this homewrecker 4 ever. He betrayed his wife, he acted full during the first few shows I watched and it would have been nice there family to somewhat get along. I think Matt’s actions have a lot to do with the homewrecker she had her claws in him and it was over. I don’t leave anything to Matt’s and Amy’s kids. Everything will go to his new wife and her kids and she will make sure if it. Matt has lost his mind over this homewrecker

    3. I believe Matt’s girlfriend is behind all of the selling the house because Matt don’t want her to leave she’s two-faced she just wants the money in the land that’s all she wants Matt’s girlfriend but I would like to see Chris and Amy and tell that Matt to stay on his side of the fence l

    4. Thank you! I was hoping I wasn’t the only person who felt like they were likely having an affair long before the divorce!

    5. I agree 100!!!!! She thought she was gonna waddle her a$$ into a gold mine & live big. Hmmm, how’s that workin out for her? Amy should have kicked her nasty a$$ in the beginnin, & handled her business. Matt & Caryn make me wanna puke. Z & T are so lazy. Idk how they have the energy to make no babies. That money isn’t gonna last forever, so both should be workin JOBS daily. I’m not impressed with the way these kids turned out nor the example M & A were. Maybe J but that’s it. If Chris had any smarts about him, he’d pack his $/!+ and go.
      This turned into 1 big shit storm.

  5. I hope that matt doesnt do anything to loose his kids and grandkids. Family is number one. No greed. So matt pray about what u are doing. Amy im so thankful u are a gre at mom and Grandma. Chris is the best thing for u. God bless yall.


      1. She’s got the right to know . Talk about shit stirrer have you heard what your saying and it’s not your business really!! LMAO . He’s a thief to the family’s future. He’s got so much money and so does Caryn they should give the kids the good side for their memories and future. GREEDY

      2. Amy needs to put a lean on the part that Matt still owes her money on. So Amy gets accused of stirring the pot. Zach is the one mad at Matt as to what happened in that meeting. And Tori made the comment that she will put with the way Zach was talked to. I don’t see where Amy is involved.

    2. That’s hindsight. How was she to know he was going to dupe the kids? Those kids are done with him. Like Zach said, when Matt sent out the family email not one of them reaponded!!

  6. Love the show…..I just hope and pray everything can be resolved soon. There are Grandchildren to be loved and cherished…. Those are what memories are made of. Sell the property, and surprise your children with sale of the farm. Whatever the amount of the sale. Divide the money among your children……

    1. I think Matt really didn’t wanna divorce from Amy that’s when his supposedly girlfriend came around and he hired her why would he wanna sell his property he should be so proud of his children who overcome obstacles and even his son who bought a farm next to him you don’t just outright sell your farm and then if he does want to sell his house he should give all of his children his profits he doesn’t need it very sad very very sad you work hard all your life for your kids and then you just dump them

    2. give it to his kids … 🤷‍♀️ what the crap … what about his retirement… Amy didn’t even know where the pumpkins were on the farm …. she fought Matt tooth and nail over everything he did on that farm .. she cant stand it because she isn’t getting a chunk of it … Matt deserved to be loved… Amy never showed him one kind word … he would have fell for the first woman that showed him any attention… how many of you are setting around wait on your momma and daddy to die so you can get your share … get real people…

  7. Amy should of sol sold the property to her kids instead of to Matt don’t know why she trusted him in not selling the property

  8. Matt should sell it and then be able to leave the profits to ALL 4 children. Selling it to one child is a slap in the face to the other 3. Also, Zach has little ability to run that farm. Chris had to point out fault in a sand box he built; it would have collapsed had he not helped Zach secure it.

  9. Why does everyone wants to always blame matt I always thought amy was the mean one and always playing the victim matt is making a business decision and that’s it they all should understand that and not feel so entitled if the kids want the property then pay fair market value simple as that

      1. I think that Matt and Chris must remember Amy is Matt’s ex wife. Friendship for sake of kids and grand kids is very foolish. Zach needs to get a real job. Jeremy is happy where he and his family are presently at in this life. Smart one in the family is Molly. She went to school up in Washington then moved to Spokane found the love of her life and got married. They still live in Spokane. The youngest son moved away from farm as soon as he could support himself. Got married traveled all over the USA now settled in
        Oregon by his dad. Now
        he is helping gif dad build his new home for Carly’s and himself. Funny family values.

    1. You’re right, Amy was the mean one and still is the mean. People shouldn’t be blaming Carlyn for their mistakes. I have watched this show since day one, she would put Matt down all the time and was just ruled to him. Amy is a control freak. I don’t care for her as much. Why is her new husband Chris pushing the friendship thing?

    2. Matt only cares about Matt. He’s always treated Amy like a 2nd class citizen and dismissed her feelings and business savy. She sold him her part of the farm at a discounted price because she understood that the entire farm would go to their kids, but Matt only cares about money because he’s a greedy piece of s##t. I hope nobody buys the house and 16 acres cause who in their right mind would want to be neighbors with him.

    3. No Matt was the mean one and never there for his family. Took separate vacations and was a grouch when he did go with family.
      He’s a control freak. Not nice in the least.

    4. Amy is the one that raised those kids. Matt was never around or on vacation it only Amy. I wish Matt girlfriend would stay out family business. MISS MONEY HUNGRY

  10. I think he’s alienating his whole family over a peace of property that he always said would go to his kids as it was their legacy. Do much for family. He’s proved family doesn’t mean as much as money. Plus Caryn has no business sitting in on the negotiating she’s not part of the family and has no legal say in it. They aren’t married. Gf over family and money SO SAD !!!!

  11. Amy, should stop puttingdown Matt. Watch the show from beginning see how lazy the boys are. They only help a little they where always taking vacations with Amy. MATT ALWAYS STAYED HOME!!

    Amy always had that house a dirty mess!! The only reason her home is clean now is Chris won’t live in a dirty home!!!

    Both boys claim to want the farm but they want it handed to them. ZECH DOESN’T EVER WORK!!!

  12. I think there is selfishness on everyone’s part. At this point it is all about money. But what bothers me the most is the way Zach and wife have let it come between him and his Father. GROW UP ZACH!!! He is acting like a little child who didn’t get his way. The way he and Tori have been acting is hard to watch. What’s worse is that he is withholding his precious children from visiting the farm they loved to go to, and seeing their Grandpa there. Is losing that deal worth the relationship that so many people would love to have? If he thinks his children won’t catch on to the way the relationship has changed, they are sadly mistaken. It is not fair to the children. Grow up. We don’t always get what we want.

    1. That’s rt.

      Its Matt’s money for now. He should be able to do what he wishes. If he doesn’t live a good life on his money his kids will!

  13. Please can you get me a seagul with French fries in his mouth??? I just love that one. ♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️

  14. It’s OK for Amy to sleep around ans go on week end motor cycle week ends but nor for Matt? Amy is à slob and attention getter. And never her fault.

    1. I think 🤔 your comment was very disrespectful towards Amy , and uncalled for !
      Amy was an honorable wife to Matt and a wonderful mother to her children !

    2. What are you talking about? She wasn’t married to Matt when she started dating Chris. Matt was still married that’s why people say he cheated. Check your facts.

    3. Where do you get the about Amy Amy met Chris after her and me at separated so she was allowed to do whatever she wanted to go on that motorcycle and on trips she was separated from me not like Matt did to her but that’s all besides the point it’s besides the point the matter is that farm he said always it was for the children and the grandchildren well now it’s not it’s all about the money and guess what I agree Karen she mind her own business she has not part of that family but it’s my take on this

    4. Amy was divorced and her relationship with her “now husband”, Chris has nothing to do with Matt and his greed.

      1. A parent is under no obligation to give money to his kids as adults. That’s the problem today, entitled children!

    5. They were divorced when she met Chris. Matt and the gal were cheating a long time. Even if it was not sex, emotional affair is just as bad. Did you watch the whole show?

    6. Tell that to Matt. He fooled around with the hired help. Lied to everyone about the farm and made sure the price was so high the kids couldn’t buy it. His greed is unbelievable. Plus there’s no fool like an old fool. His so called girlfriend has managed to get his wife and children out & off the farm and I expect her family will slowly show up.The only person she is watching out for is herself. She deserves an acting award.

  15. Amy was always the hoarder. She knew what his goal was, when she married him. Are all the Matt bashers sure that he had an affair. Amy seemed to be the restless one. It is their lives. If they choose to throw all their personal lives out to the whole world, it is on them. Too many people are quick to throw the first stone. I just hope that they can resolve their differences, and get along, in the near future, Otherwise Matt and Chris might go out and buy their own farm.

  16. Matt used “the farm legacy going to his kids” as a way to reel people into the show, deceive Amy and the kids and make himself look like the good guy. In reality, he swindled Amy out of fair market value for her interest. He bullied and demeaned her into trying to make a hasty decision as property values were rising and he did not want to miss out on the real estate upswing. He played Amy and on her decision to sell based on the fact that one of the kids would acquire the property or at least partial interest. Amy should have sought out additional legal and real estate advice before she sold her interest to Matt. If Matt was a fair man, as a sign of respect for the mother of his children , he should offer Amy half of the net proceeds when he sells the property. However, he has repeatedly said he is a businessman first and continues to repeat it to justify the way he denied both of his sons the opportunity to buy. Amy should be more than angry and is entitled to be. Both Matt and Karyn have belittled and demeaned Amy from every angle and at every opportunity afforded to them. Karyn’s smirks and cheap shots can be seen and heard in interview after interview. Matt and Karyn deserve one another, Amy is better off! Has anyone else not seen any of this? I am Team Amy, if she leaves the show she should leave it to have her own show and make tenfold what Matt will ever make over his lifetime.

  17. Amy is a scorned and angry women, who refuses too get on with her life. She is one by one turning her kids against their father. What was done is done. Move on, and stop wasting your time Amy.

  18. Matt should have made a deal with all the kids. It’s just so unfortunate I don’t like the way he did everything. He definitely separated the family. I think he be sorry later on and I don’t like his new lady friend .

  19. Amen….she is manipulating….Matt is all about MATT…selfish…arrogant his way or the highway…..now he Is all.over Jacob…andvt b e farm….who dis -owned his parents. Bc of child labor laws..cheated him out of mo ney…$$$ on t h e show…MATT a real

  20. If Zach wanted the farm so bad then he should have offered more than half of the asking price .. Zach feels entitled and thinks it should have been handed to him just because……matt is the one who made the farm the success it is , not Zach…Zach needs to get a real job and stop freeloading……….

  21. Greed is what it comes down to Praying 🙏 for all involved that a solution is found soon Family first!

  22. I don’t blame Amy. Matt is such a Master Manipulator. I cannot stand to watch him ( or Caryn the Golddigger) one more episode. They are cut from the same cloth!!

    Amy, I think you should have your own show!

  23. Had Zach left the show like his siblings, there would not have been a show. Matt wouldn’t have the money he has. He is an ungrateful man.

  24. Rumor has it Matt slept around before he got divorced that is the difference! He always said that would be his kids legacy! I guess money means more to him now. Amy is being a Mom that is what Moms do take up for their kids because Dads seem to get caught up in their business and that’s all they think about then money then their girlfriend. Caryn should step aside and stay out of it!! Even if Matt says he wants her there!!!

  25. I believe Caryn is working Matt!! and eventually her kids &grandkids will be running around the farm. Heck she’s already got one there at times. Matt doesn’t care about Legacy all he cares about is money and keeping Caryn happy

    1. I think Carolyn is just a gold digger she and Matt were messing around before they even got a divorce Carolyn is nothing but a whore

  26. Why should Matt give up his retirement money and give the property to his kid for a fraction of the worth. Zach should worry about getting a real job.

    1. I think everyone should enjoy this show for what it is. Entertainment! Quit finding fault with the way Zach and Tori raise their chìldren… If it’s not that your judging Their work skills.Amys a gripey ex, Matt’s agreed grouch and Caryn is a golding. I remember before Chris married Amy He was the topic of of everyone’s judgement. I’ve watched I think every episode none of them are perfect.. But I love watching and love the family so chill out and enjoy ..

  27. Matt should have sold the property to both Zach & Jeremy, there’s enough property that they each could live far enough away from each other if they’re fueding,they don’t have to deal with each other.This way it’s a win win Farm stays in the family.A business transaction successfully completed.
    Caryn is fine by voicing her
    opinion, I like her,she is mostly optimistic and doesn’t talk down to Matt.She will be married to Matt soon and has a right to voice her opinion.
    Amy sold her share of the Property to Matt,so she should be done with it except visitation with her children,if they buy the property.
    I get divorce is hard on Everyone, but Amy now has another nice guy so she should be greatful and more positive instead of so bitter and negative.Before she ends up losing this guy also,Chris is cool.
    Really enjoy this show and wish them All the best.Praying for a peaceful resolution!!!

  28. Amy should keep her nose out of it she is divorced now none of her business ..Karyn is good to Matt i am so glad he has her

  29. Amy, you keep doing what you’re doing. Never mind the nay sayers. You are so obviously the better parent. Always were, and always will be. Your kids are finding this out,unfortunately, the hard way. It’s honestly, shameful, the way your ex is acting. It’s all on camera how Matt preached about the legacy he wanted to leave his children. All talk, no action were it matters. He ultimately will pay the price. Those kids know who loves them and is always there for them. As one parent to another, I can tell you with all honesty. Chris should look for friends else were in my opinion. I don’t understand how he can’t see how he is hurting you by this unhealthy friendship. But he does seem like a good guy. Best of wishes. Great to see you so happy in your new marriage!

  30. Amy is wrong in so many ways. She whored around town with her two old lady how’s for a year before meeting Chris and plays poor me. She grabbed the money for half the house then said to Mat ” your not giving the house to the kids ? What a idiot. Zack knowing brought 3 poor deformed children in to the world with life times of medical problems. Then gets mad at Matt for not giving him the house. They don’t tell you none of the other children talk to Zack … Amy and Zack real money grubbing itiots. Oh by the way I live in the area, I know fist hand what goes on at all the local bars.. Amy your a 3ft high bar fly.

  31. What about the size of the BIG RED BARN!!!!!what a beautiful home that could become. One son could pay for the house and the other could make a mini mansion out of the BEAUTIFUL BARN. That could keep the family there.

  32. Amy is mean and controlling but her talented is being shading. I always like Matt he has always loved Amy but she didn’t it was very obvious.

  33. Matt could sell the property that he put on the market and use the profit for his retirement. Leave the rest of the property to all his children to be divided equally. Divorces are never easy. I personally believe Caryn is in it for the money.

  34. Amy is not a nice person she is mean and so are her friends
    Matt have her a great home ,she didn’t mine all the trips she went on please. If the kids really wanted the farm they should of day down with Matt and talk it over they don’t say what they offered Matt
    And so what his girlfriend was there they could of told there father that she had to leave but they didn’t. Everyone picts on Matt. When Amy is the trouble maker.

  35. Caryn needs to stay out of the family issues. You don’t see Chris sticking his nose into family issues. Matt is an evil, mean and greedy person. Before they were divorced he was nothing but a nasty old man that was always complaining about how he was dying and he complained about everything everyone did. He is consumed with greed and hate. He doesn’t care about anyone except himself.

  36. How can you say the negative things you were saying about Amy. Open your eyes and remember how good of a mother she was. Raising four children with not much help from Matt because his concern was the different things he built at the farm. That is great for sure and it gave the kids a wonderful place to play. Raising four children basically on your own and them turning out so good is fantastic. Also don’t say the kids should get jobs. They are being entrepreneurs making a nice living and doing good things with their talents in a very caring way. Amy having fun at the bars was a nice diversion from the hurt she was feeling with Matt’s affair with an employee. Give her a break!

    1. They say the horrible things they say because they are mean and vindictive. I concur with you. Everyone has an opinion however God knows what is true. I concur with you. This family has been hurt and they each need healing, emotionally. For the people of God reading these comments please pray. There needs to be forgiveness.

    2. I agree!! Watched the show from the beginning. 26 yrs of HELL with Matt!! He finally saved Amy from that sunken ship when he filed for divorce.

  37. Amy needs to move on she is so bitter. Zach and Tory need to grow up you are not entittled to anything. Get a job. Stop using the grand kids as a weapon. You used to love it when they babysat now your bitter so you hardly visit. GROW UP.

    1. His boys – what do they do for a living? They’re not motivated at all. Zach keeps whining about the farm. What does he know about running a business? Absolutely nothing just like his brother.
      All they are doing is riding on their father’s coattails.
      Amy- all she does is make nasty remarks toward Matt and Caryn like her cr$p doesn’t stink. She needs to get over herself and her jealousy.

      She needs to pay attention to her own marriage. So glad they divorced.
      Zach is a lazy a$$.

  38. From the very beginning I thought Amy was controlling of her kids and she tried to control Matt. Matt did go on family vacations which Amy planned, it was where she wanted to go. Caryn and Matt are both adults and can do whatever they want. Have you noticed how Amy is always telling Chris how to do things and what they are going to do.

  39. Matt was always arrogant to Amy. He’svery controlling to Amy and his kids. Zack did help his dad on the farm. I wish they stop trashing Amy. She was a great mom and grandmother. I wish Chris stop forcing Amy to be in. her X company.All those years she was with Matt, she walked out empty handed.

  40. My father got all of my grandmother’s land which was about 120 acres. My stepmother had dollar signs after that. My father had it set up so we five kids were to share it when he died. Well my father died before the stepmother and before we knew it she sold it all. I spent all my summers there and wanted my kids to be able to spend time there. Well that all went out the window with her. It broke my heart but there was nothing I or any of us could do. We didn’t even see his will because the copies she had strangely disappeared. And she wouldn’t tell us who the attorney was. Anyway if the farm leaves the family you will be sad and mad but time passes and you just have to accept it.

    1. Wow, how is it anyone’s business what anyone does for a living!! IT IS NOT!! No ones business what Zach does for a living he may have side jobs, fans do not know everything about these people!! mind your own business…Matt and that homewrecker Caren are jerks!! They dont deserve to enjoy the family now. What kind of father doesnt leave his legacy to his family !! Jerk, We know why because Caren wants the money , thats why !!!

  41. Why are people so surprised at Matt’s actions. Matt has always had things his way. The few times he asked for Amy’s thoughts about his plans they were already fait de comple. He never had any intention of including her ideas, he is a lonely sad old man

  42. Everybody keeps raging about Caren ending up with the farm and Matts money.I think Matts smart enough to have a prenup!!

  43. I have watched this show from the first season. I felt early on that Amy did not cut Matt any slack and did her best to turn the kids against Matt. In more recent seasons, I have become Team Amy as Matt and Caryn bulldozed Amy off the farm and refused to negotiate with Zach or Jeremy and keep the house and acreage in the family.

    I agree with posters who say Matt will probably die before Caryn does and HER kids will inherit the land and any houses thereon. Life is not fair and people change their minds without warning. The Roloff kids and their offspring will have to content themselves with photos and memories of the farm as it used to be. What a shame.

  44. Matt is a dick. I’m so glad he and Caryn are together. She is a full on witch. They are both trying to hide who they are, but talk about money rules. I would have to guess Any probably got a raw deal from her ex when selling her portion of the farm. She and Chris are moving on together. I wish them all the best. I don’t blame Amy, Zach or Jeremy for being upset with Matt over the possible sale of the farm house. Matt handled it all wrong starting with allowing Caryn to be in on the negotiations. She’s not family and should not been involved at all.

  45. I was raises that family comes first disregarding making any profit from them! This is a family farm legacy that Matt chooses to profit from rather than maintain that legacy at a financial ‘loss’! What would Matt’s wishes have been if he was deceased? The kids would have inheirited the farm! He shouldn’t have even made Zach offer to pay, it’s his flesh and blood! I am very disheartened by Matt’s actions and don’t blame Amy for not wanting to return to the farm!

  46. If anyone can remember they are told what to say at times even if it’s not true that’s why the youngest boy never wanted to be on the program they have to make it interesting to watch the program think of your own life you’ll be boring at times on TV if you are doing a program I don’t mind would be I like watching Little People Big World it is interesting

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