Rivers Waldrop Assists Brother Blu In Catching New Best Buddy

Sweet Home Sextuplets star Rivers Waldrop assisted her brother, Blu, as he wanted to catch his new best buddy. While he wasn’t able to do it on his own, his helpful sister was happy to catch it for him. Keep reading to see what the Waldrop kiddos are up to and meet Blu’s new buddy, too.

With so many siblings, the Waldrop kids are never alone. They always have a playmate or someone to care for them. On social media, Sweet Home Sextuplets mom Courtney Waldrop often documents the special moments her kids share. The sextuplets seem to have a very close bond and are always hanging out together.

They enjoy playing outside with one another and getting into trouble sometimes, too. With six four-year-olds under one roof, someone is always up to something.

Of course, there are many sweet moments along the way as well.

Courtney Waldrop Instagram, Rivers Waldrop and Blu Waldrop

Now, Courtney has another precious post to share with fans. It looks like Rivers Waldrop is a great help to her brother, Blu.

Rivers Waldrop proudly helps her brother, Blu.

On her Instagram stories on Monday, July 11, Courtney Waldrop gave fans a peek at a special moment between Rivers and Blu. When Blu needed an extra hand, his sister was glad to step in.

In the photo below, you can see Blu hanging out outside on his family’s porch. It’s getting darker, so it’s the perfect time to catch some fireflies.

The four-year-old is wearing a tank top, baseball cap, sneakers, and shorts. He has his hands clasped together. Courtney writes, “Blu caught a lightning bug and it’s his best buddy.”

Courtney Waldrop Instagram, Rivers Waldrop and Blu Waldrop

From Courtney’s Instagram stories, it looks like Blu is very grateful to have a sister he can count on. He couldn’t have done this without her. So, he’s giving her all the credit and saying she “catched it for him.”

There are many more summertime memories to be made at the Waldrop family’s home. Fans should stay tuned on social media to see what else Courtney, Eric, and their nine kids do this summer. There might be exciting vacations, fun days at the pool, and more ahead.

So, what do you think of Rivers Waldrop helping out her brother, Blu? Do you love the snap of Blu with his new best buddy? Tell us in the comments section below. And come back to TV Shows Ace for the latest updates about the Waldrop family.

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