Isabel Roloff Drops Off Social Media, Blames Health Issues

Isabel Roloff Instagram

Isabel Roloff, the wife of Little People, Big World star Jacob, has disappeared from social media. Though she usually keeps fans up to date about her life, she’s been awfully quiet lately. Now, she has an explanation. She’s currently dealing with health issues. Keep reading to get all of the details.

Isabel Roloff disappears from social media.

If you follow Isabel on Instagram, you may know that she’s fairly active on the social media platform. She sometimes posts on her Instagram feed and often shares on her Instagram stories as well. She gives her many followers a peek into her life.

Isabel Roloff Instagram

Many of her recent posts have been about motherhood after she welcomed her first child, Mateo, to the world in December.

However, it’s been a few days since fans have seen anything from Isabel Roloff. While she doesn’t need to post every day, fans might have noticed her absence.

Fortunately, she wasn’t gone too long before she went back online to let fans know how she is doing these days.

Jacob’s wife hops back online to share about her health issues.

Amid her social media silence, Isabel Roloff hopped back online to give fans a quick update about what’s going on. She shared a couple of basic text posts on her Instagram stories and revealed why she has been so quiet on social media.

She wrote that her mental health has been declining lately, which is why she’s been “MIA.”

Then, she said, “My therapy appointment went well last week and I can’t wait to keep going (and healing).”

Amid her mental health issues, Isabel Roloff appears to be trying to stay positive.

Isabel Roloff Instagram

After talking about her own mental health, Isabel Roloff shared an inspirational message to her followers who may be in the same boat. She said, “In case your depression is lying to you and you need the reminder… People do love you and you are doing enough.”

Isabel Roloff Instagram

Hopefully, Isabel has all of the love and support she needs to keep healing. Though fans might miss her posts, they likely understand that she needs some time away here and there.

So, can you relate to Isabel Roloff’s latest social media update? Did you notice she hadn’t been posting on social media very much lately? Share your thoughts in the comments section below. And don’t miss new episodes of Little People, Big World on Tuesdays on TLC and discovery+.

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