‘1000-Lb. Sisters’: How Long Has Tammy Slaton Had A Trach?

Tammy Slaton from Instagram

Fans that keep up with 1000-Lb. Sisters know that Tammy Slaton had a medical emergency at the end of Season 3. She was rushed to the hospital and ended up leaving with a trach. It looks pretty uncomfortable and rumor has it that Tammy absolutely hates wearing it.

But now, fans have a few questions. How long has Tammy had the trach and will she be able to get rid of it anytime soon? Keep reading to see what TV Shows Ace uncovered.

Tammy Slaton could be rid of the trach soon

For several months in 2022, Tammy Slaton disappeared from social media. Many fans worried that she secretly passed away. However, she resurfaced on TikTok shortly after. In all her new videos, her trach is visible. But how much longer will she have it? Redditors recently discussed the topic.

“How long has she had the trach tube for? And when will it be removed? These were recently on her Snapchat story,” one Redditor pointed out.

Tammy Slaton/Snapchat

“She got it before thanksgiving last year and kept insisting it was just temporary but yikes that was 8 months ago,” another user replied. “It looks as though she’s still living in the rehab place which is probably why the trach is clean and not dirty with infection, thank god.”

Reports indicate that Tammy is still indeed living in rehab and will be there until her bariatric surgery at the end of July. After the surgery, Tammy will reportedly return to rehab for a short while before her release. If everything goes according to plan, she may be able to lose the trach by the end of the summer.

Overall, it’s just a difficult situation and some Reddit users admitted they felt bad for Tammy.

“Living with a trach sucks,” one Redditor sympathized with Tammy. “Granted mine was two years ago and temporary but I still remember how much it just plain f*cking sucked.”

The planned bariatric surgery

Tammy Slaton confirmed she couldn’t officially say anything about her weight loss because of her contract with TLC. But reports indicate that she did make enough progress in rehab to qualify for bariatric surgery.

Tammy Slaton from TLC
Tammy Slaton/TLC

The surgery was originally supposed to happen in June, but was pushed out to the end of July. Allegedly, scheduling conflicts were to blame for the reschedule. Ultimately, fans just hope that Tammy can get the help she needs to live a healthier, happier life. Stay tuned for more information about Tammy’s upcoming surgery.

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