‘OutDaughtered’ Hero Blayke Busby Saves A Life From Drowning

Blayke Busby, OutDaughtered, YouTube

OutDaughtered star Blayke Busby saved a life from drowning this weekend, and her dad, Adam, proudly shared all of the details about the situation. Keep reading to get all of the details about what Blayke did and why she’s a hero now.

The 11-year-old has always been very responsible when it comes to helping out with her five younger sisters, Hazel, Parker, Riley, Ava, and Olivia. So, it shouldn’t come as a surprise that she swooped in and helped when a scary situation occurred.

Though she’s still young, the OutDaughtered star always seems eager to help out. So, what happened and who did Blayke have to save from drowning this weekend?

Blayke Busby, OutDaughtered, YouTube

If you follow the Busbys on social media, you have probably seen their gorgeous backyard complete with a pool. Unfortunately, someone who’s not such a great swimmer ended up in the pool, and that’s why Blayke had to jump into action.

OutDaughtered star Blayke Busby saves a life.

Over the weekend, Adam Busby shared with fans that they had found a baby bunny in their yard. Of course, they wanted to help it.

In a new Instagram story, OutDaughtered star Adam gave fans details about Blayke’s life-saving actions. He said, “Little update on the bunny situation. So, look outside, Blayke goes out to see and she starts screaming because it jumped in the pool.”

Blayke explained, “And I got a net that wasn’t attached to the pool and he was trying to get out. He couldn’t get out, and I was like, panicking. And I grabbed a net and scooped him up and I was just like holding him in the net. I was just like, ‘Oh my gosh. What do I do?'”

Adam then told OutDaughtered fans that they got a box for the bunny and gave it some leaves and grass to eat.

He said that the family’s dogs, Gus and Beaux, were chasing another bunny around the yard, so they had to save a second one.

He showed fans the two bunnies in the box. Blayke said they named the rabbits Cinnabun and Hopper.

Adam Busby Instagram, OutDaughtered

He said they’re checking for more in their yard. He also added that his Instagram followers are saying not to relocate them. However, he is concerned about the dogs harming them so he doesn’t necessarily want them in the yard for their safety.

So, can you believe that Blayke Busby was able to save the bunny in the pool? Do you think she’s a hero? Share your thoughts in the comments section below. And come back to TV Shows Ace for more Busby family updates. You can read about the family’s show, OutDaughtered, and its future here.

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