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Proud Mama Janelle Brown Takes Fans Inside Gabriel’s Garden

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Gabriel Brown is Janelle Brown’s youngest son. Through the years, Sister Wives fans have seen him grow up into a responsible young man. Although he really struggled with the family’s move to Flagstaff, he found things to like about his new home.

And now, it appears that Gabriel has an amazing green thumb. Janelle couldn’t be prouder of her son and recently gave fans an inside tour. Keep reading to find out more.

Janelle Brown and her kids spend time developing the family garden

Since the family moved to Flagstaff, Janelle Brown has done everything in her power to keep her children happy. It’s been an uphill battle getting Gabriel to adjust, but it seems like he’s doing much better these days. As Janelle revealed, he’s even willingly contributing to the garden.

Gabriel Brown/TLC

In a new Instagram video, she shows her followers around the place and reveals that Gabriel stepped up to help her manage the garden amid her busy schedule. She even offered him the first pick of the harvest since he’s done the watering and a lot of the hard work.

On the tour, Janelle showed the places where the family grows basil, tomatoes, and even corn. She admitted she wasn’t sure how well the corn would turn out, but that the family was willing to try everything.

Janelle Brown/Instagram

But Gabriel isn’t the only one of Janelle’s children to take an interest in the garden. Her middle child Garrison also posted about the garden on his Instagram stories. In his own video, he proudly showed his followers the garden and the little sprouts poking out of the dirt.

The Brown family may have its issues, but Janelle’s branch of the family seems to really bond over the garden and its success overall.

Will Gabriel be able to connect with Kody again someday?

It’s no secret that family patriarch Kody Brown is estranged from some of his children. Sadly, Gabriel is one of them. The two seemed to have a bit of a troubled relationship before the pandemic happened, but COVID-19 really seemed to be the nail in the coffin. Viewers even saw Gabriel angrily confront his father on the show.

During the pandemic, Kody ultimately chose to quarantine with his wife Robyn. Meanwhile, his strict rules prohibited his family members from interacting with most other people outside the family unit. And that didn’t go over well. At one point, Janelle even described the rules as “dictatorial.”

The family may be able to unite again, but fans will just have to wait and see what comes in Season 17.

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