‘Married At First Sight’ Steve Moy Didn’t Want Noi To Move In?

Steve and Noi via YouTube 1

It came out this weekend that Married at First Sight couple Steve Moy and Noi Phommasak are splitting up. They are the latest Season 14 couple to break up. Currently, there is only one couple who has survived after the drama-filled season in Boston. Noi got MAFS fans talking when she posted a photo of herself noting that divorce feels good. There seems to be a bit of back and forth occurring between these two. It all brought about a big question, did Steve not want Noi to move in with him?

Did Married at First Sight husband Steve not want Noi to move in?

After Noi announced via a photo on Instagram that they are divorcing, Steve went to Instagram to share his own statement. After the Married at First Sight alum issued his statement as previously shared by TvShowAce, Noi responded by saying that she begged him to stay. She also dropped the bombshell that her dog Sushi is dying.

It seems the cancer treatments Sushi has been receiving are not working. Noi said Steve has not checked on Sushi at all and didn’t try to help her.

Now, she has responded again to Steve’s post. This time she indicated that he didn’t want her to move in. Many thought it was all Noi but she claims that to be false information.

Noi said, “I think this is well intention so I will respond – to be honest there’s a lot you don’t see. One being that Steve also did not want me to move in, that was not just me refusing to move in. Steve is not the husband you see on tv. That is all I will say and I’m sorry, but this outcome also breaks my heart but it is the truth of what can happen when you marry a stranger on tv.”


What did Steve say?

When Steve responded to Noi’s photo and confirmed that they are divorcing, he had plenty to say. He said there are just some things that can’t be overcome in a marriage.

He wanted it to work but ultimately it just couldn’t. Steve also said he knows he doesn’t owe anyone an explanation but felt like they were letting fans down by splitting up.

So far, it seems like Steve has not replied to any of the comments made by Noi.

Are you surprised these two are splitting up?

Stay tuned for more updates.


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