‘I Love A Mama’s Boy’: Esther Commands Ethan & Leyna’s Wedding

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I Love A Mama’s Boy just introduced Esther and Ethan. They could give Matt and Kelly a run for their money on the creepy meter. In the latest episode, Ethan and his fiancee, Leyna are doing some wedding planning. Of course, Esther seems to forget that she is not the one getting married. Sound familiar?

Ethan And Esther Make Their Grand Debut On I Love A Mama’s Boy

Viewers did not think it could get any closer than Matt McAdams and his mother Kelly. She pretty much chased away his fiancee Kimberly Cobb. Well, now there is Esther and her son Ethan. He is one of four boys but the first one to get married. They are insanely close to the point where they could be confused for a couple. He flirts with his mother, gives her inappropriate compliments, and is always touching her. In their first episode, which was just last week, they had a dance lesson. Ethan is marrying his longtime love Leyna so they are mastering the mother/son dance. In a twist, he has chosen Sexual Healing for them to dance to and wants it to be this seductive move.

I Love A Mama's Boy/TLC
Ethan and Esther

Leyna is somewhat jealous of the way he is with his mother. He is way more flirty toward her than he is with his own fiancee. Leyna loves Ethan but she does know he will have to dial it back just a bit if they are going to be happy. It is almost time for wedding planning to officially start. With that, it seems as though Esther will make it less about Leyna and more about herself. How will Ethan handle balancing his mother and his future wife? More so, will he be able to put his foot down or will he succumb to his mama?

Wedding Planning…With Mama?

In a clip from TLC, Ethan and Leyna are together at a venue when Esther shows up. They do a quick flashback of her having a meeting with Ethan about things they need to go over. She loves party planning, she has never hired a party planner before so it seems she is up for the challenge. Now, Esther alleges that Leyna has given her full reign to do everything but she probably wants to be consulted on the big decisions. When she shows up at the rehearsal dinner space, Esther can see just how much she is needed.

I Love A Mama's Boy/TLC

Esther immediately has ideas like a food truck and a donut wall but Leyna wants her to slow down. This is her moment and she has ideas, too. Plus, this is for her out-of-town guests as her family is from Long Island. She suggests a DJ that was recommended to her even though Esther is not key on that style. In Ethan’s confessional, he notes that he has to remind himself that it is Leyna’s day and it is all about her. Leyna and Esther start to compromise when Ethan wraps his hands around his mom’s waist and calls her a ‘MILF’ which immediately makes Leyna uncomfortable.

Are they too close for comfort or do Matt and Kelly still take the cake? Let us know in the comments and watch I Love A Mama’s Boy Sundays on TLC.

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