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‘Chrisley Knows Best’ Nanny Faye Says To Ram It, She’s Going Analog

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With legal issues ailing the Chrisley family, Nanny Faye has always been a breath of fresh air. The eldest matriarch of the Chrisley clan has yet again entertained fans in the latest clip from Chrisley Knows Best. Thanks to the series’ constant comedy gold, one can surely argue that the hilarious family dynamics are what attract the audience.

Nanny Faye Struggles With Website Verification

Well, what fans found relatable about this clip is the fact that they have all gone through this when visiting some website.  Remember when you have to prove that you are human and not a robot when visiting certain websites? Nanny Faye was seen dealing with a similar predicament in this clip posted on Instagram.

Nanny Faye YouTube

[Source: YouTube]

The clip starts with Todd asking his mother, “What are you doing, honey? Are you trying to get into a website?”

Nanny Faye answers with a yes when Todd continues, “It says you have to select all the pictures that have a bicycle in them.”

As she continues to select the pictures with the bicycle on the laptop screen, an error message pops up on the screen. Laughing about the situation, Todd mentions, “Try again! Y’all failed it!”

He continues, “Oh, those are birds! Okay, we can do this. We’ve got this.”

Chrisley Family Comes Together To Nanny Faye’s Aid

Julie Chrisley helps Nanny Faye discover the bicycles in the picture. Seeing this, Todd and Chase also start helping the matriarch.

As they struggle to find the pictures with bikes on them, Julie adds, “We are going to get you into this account.”

Nanny Faye YouTube

[Source: YouTube]

Chase asks Nanny to verify the selection and the message “Try Again” pops up on the screen.

Frustrated with the situation, Nanny Faye exclaims, “My Heavens!”

Resonating her mother’s feeling, Todd says, “How many damn people does it take to find freaking bicycles?”

He adds, “I hate these stupid things!”

However, what comes after has the viewers rolling around laughing on the floor. As the 78-year-old closes the laptop, she mentions, “To hell with this. I am going Analog!”

She further added, “You can take and ram this where the sun doesn’t shine.”

Seems like Nanny Faye isn’t going to try and work her way through a website anytime soon!

Fans Suggest Chrisleys Should Focus On Their Legal Troubles

Fans were quick to chime in at how adorable Nanny Faye and the Chrisley family are. One fan wrote, “I love this family no matter what! Good people make mistakes too.”

Nanny Faye Instagram

[Source: Instagram]

Another jumped in, stating how much they hate those verifications. A third mentioned, “She’s the Best!!”

However, not all comments were positive. A fourth mentioned, “They need to focus on their legal troubles and not a TV show. Another asked, “When are y’all going to prison?”

Even as legal issues trouble the family, they sure do bring a smile to our faces! Do you love Nanny Faye? Let us know in the comments! Do not forget to watch Chrisley Knows Best Season 9 on Thursday at 9 pm on USA Network!

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  1. I have no sympathy for these hypocrites and criminals. I do feel sorry for the children, they were innocent bystanders.

    I don’t want to hear your logical fallacies either. For instance, don’t come at me with your (whataboutism) and try to say what about people in government that get away with stuff like this. Just because someone else gets away with something, doesn’t mean your favorite “reality” stars should too. I don’t like it either that people in government get away with it and I hope in the future that the justice system becomes equal. But…..I’m not going to stand up for someone if they broke the law, just because I like them.
    I like Bernie Sanders, but if he broke the law or started talking money from fossil fuel companies, I would stick to my morals and stop supporting him.

    It’s like people who support trump….they don’t continue to support him because of their morals. There is no way. They continue to support him to “own the libs” , they are in a cult.

    Mark Braddock is the former assistant in question and he revealed in court he had applied for numerous loans for the Chrisley family, highlighting how the couple allegedly had borrowed over $60 million dollars in order to maintain their lifestyle. The process would go like this: Braddock would apply for loans, saying the couple had more assets available than they did.

    Then, after gaining access to more loan money the couple would use this new loan money to pay off the older loans they’d already acquired. All of this was in service to a pretty incredible amount of money Todd and Julie Chrisley and the family needed in order to support their lifestyle each month

    The “he” mentioned in the quote is Todd Chrisley, who was allegedly traveling to Beverly Hills from his then home base in Atlanta to where he would stay at the Beverly Hills Hotel in order to get his haircut bi-monthly, as just one example of exorbitant spending. Per Braddock (via Insider) these flight to Los Angeles each month were just the tip of the iceberg when it came to how the couple saw money. The former partner of the couple says they employed three housekeepers five days every weeks as another example. Another report online indicates he blew threw some of the money by buying Bentley’s and more.

    From what the court case has stated, Chrisley’s real estate business was doing good numbers, particularly during “The Great Recession.” The problem seems to have been that the couple was simply spending more money than they were bringing in, with high American Express bills and more contributing to their debt load. The IRS eventually started gaining an understanding of what was going on in the household, and Todd Chrisley and Julie filed for bankruptcy at one point. Apparently, $20 million in debt was forgiven when that happened.

    To hear them tell the story, the Chrisley family says Mark Braddock was “obsessed” with Todd Chrisley and also that he was responsible for all the fraud that’s coming up in court. But Braddock disagrees, stating on the stand that Todd Chrisley was aware of what he was doing and he only defrauded banks at the reality star’s request. One email exchange that came up in court even showed an email exchange between Braddock and the Chrisley Knows Best patriarch about how Braddock made an account with no money in it look as if $4 million dollars were available.

  2. I love the Chrisley family and every family has their problems. No one should judge this family because no family is perfect. We I watch this show it brings laughter to me. And I love the way this family works out their problems together. Chrisley family your in my prayers and stay strong. Don’t let these outsiders break the family bond that you guys have. I wish you guy all the best.

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