Serena Pitt Dishes On Long Distance Romances & Upcoming Wedding Plans

Serena Pitt was happy to pass the time recently by answering fans’ questions while she waited for a flight. She shared that the most popular question fans asked was when the wedding would be. They haven’t started planning the wedding yet, but they’re thinking of 2023 for the year.

Serena and Joe Amabile met on Bachelor in Paradise. The couple felt strong from the beginning and even Joe making adorably awkward comments didn’t deter Serena. They quickly became inseparable. They survived Joe’s ex-girlfriend coming to the beach and making things even more awkward.

Joe had been there before and had a successful relationship with Kendall Long before disagreements on where to live broke them up. Serena Pitt was one of the last girls standing on Matt James’s season of The Bachelor, but she shocked fans and Matt when she broke up with him and left. She stated he just, “wasn’t her person.” Now, she’s found her person in Joe.

What Other Questions Did Serena Pitt Answer?

Serena Pitt and Joe live together now in NYC, but they both travel a lot so they are still cherishing when they see each other. According to Bachelor Nation, Serena said they are going to see her family in Canada together and she’s excited to share spending time at a lake house with him. It is something her family did a lot when she was younger, they’d go stay in cabins for vacation.

Serena Pitt and Joe, Instagram
Serena Pitt and Joe, Instagram

A fan asked for advice about long-distance dating. She said her tips were to communicate and plan. She said, “call or FaceTime. If something isn’t working, talk about ways to make adjustments.” Serena also said, “plan when you are going to see each other next.”

Serena shared that getting recognized by fans took some time to get used to. When she came off Matt’s season Covid still had things locked down. She didn’t really start getting recognized until after Paradise and then she was surprised people recognized her. Now a year later she says she’s happy people like to talk about the journey they shared with her.

They’re Celebrating A Year Of Engagement

Serena Pitt shared she and Joe are celebrating a year of engagement on Instagram and got lots of love from fans and co-stars. Joe also posted and said, “one year and plenty more to go.” The two look happier than ever in their adorable pictures together. Everyone is rooting for their love.

Abigail Heringer said, “my favorites.” Raven Gates posted hearts on their picture. Rachael Kirkconnell said, “so happy for you guys & your love.” Bri Springs said, “cutiesss I can’t take it.”

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