Rob Proud As Dream Kardashian ‘Impressed’ On First Commercial Set

Rob Kardashian's Daughter Dream Is Gorgeous, See Rare Pic [Credit: YouTube]

Dream Kardashian just did her first commercial with grandma Kris Jenner and it sounds like things went great for Rob Kardashian’s only daughter. Hollywood Life shared details that an exclusive source shared with them about her day. This commercial was for Amazon Glow. The ad lasts about two minutes.

Dream Kardashian’s First Commercial

Dream Kardashian just got the chance to do her first commercial recently. The inside source shared details about it all. Here is what they had to say:

“Dream had so much fun shooting the commercial with Kris, she’s already asking when the next one is. Rob‘s never going to be a stage dad but he’s so proud of her. Everyone at the shoot was raving about what a natural Dream is and how great she is to work with, she totally impressed everyone.”

You can check out the entire commercial on YouTube below. As you can see, these two are playing with a tablet together. Dream is even seen talking to her “Lovey.”

Another source also shared how Dream got the chance to be in the commercial with Kris Jenner. They said, “Kris was the one who was initially approached by Amazon for this new partnership. When she learned what the ad was all about, she immediately knew Dream would be perfect for this.” It sounds like a great partnership.

It was also revealed that Dream Kardashian had a fun time filming. Her dad didn’t have to talk her into it because it was something she had already admitted she was interested in doing. It sounds like she is a Kardashian and loves the spotlight like the rest of her famous family. Her dad Rob Kardashian was on set with her the entire time. He has revealed that he has his daughter a lot of the time instead of her being with mom Blac Chyna.

Dream Kardashian & Kris Jenner's Amazon Ad [Amazon Glow | YouTube]

[Amazon Glow | YouTube]

Some Fans Upset With Kris Jenner

Some fans are very upset with Kris Jenner over this commercial. They feel like she is taking advantage of her grandchildren seeing that Rob Kardashian is so private. Seeing how proud Rob was of his daughter it sounds like he was happy she got the chance to do it.

You can watch the first season of The Kardashians on Hulu. The first season is already done airing. Rob did make one small appearance, but it doesn’t look like he has big plans to film anytime soon.

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