Jade Cline Confidently Flaunts 'The Girls' In Sultry Selfie

Jade Cline Confidently Flaunts ‘The Girls’ In Sultry Selfie

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Teen Mom star Jade Cline confidently flaunted the girls in a new sultry selfie. She went on a family trip with her boyfriend Sean Austin and their daughter Kloie. Even though it’s a family-friendly getaway, she made sure to put her body on display. This comes amid the ever-growing criticism over her sexy selfies.

Fans think Jade shouldn’t flaunt her body and dress sexy anymore because she’s a mother. She fought back at the haters and declared that she will continue to show off her “mommy milkers.” The reality star underwent a plastic surgery transformation and is happy with the results. She doesn’t want to waste it since it nearly ended her life.

Jade Cline Shows Off Body [MTV | YouTube]
[MTV | YouTube]

Jade Cline purrs in a new busty selfie

The MTV star nearly spilled out of her top in her latest selfie. Jade Cline shared a clip of herself driving. She wore an orange print tank top that showed off cleavage. She nearly flashed her followers while bouncing from the ride in her car.

The hot mom took to her Instagram Story to share a boomerang of herself wearing the sexy little top. Jade Cline puckered her lips and flirted with her eyes. Her full pout perfectly matched her shirt. Her blonde hair fell around her face in messy waves. Jade proudly showed off the results of her breast augmentation surgery.

Jade Cline Flaunts New Body [MTV | YouTube]
[MTV | YouTube]
The 25-year-old also had on a full face of makeup and a sexy gold nose ring. She coyly smiled at the camera as she raised one of her eyebrows. The television personality also took to her Instagram Story to show off her manicure, which featured orange and white nails that matched her top.

She didn’t provide context for her videos, so it’s a mystery as to why she rocked this matchy-matchy look. This comes after Jade Cline slipped into an orange animal print bikini top. The star shared that she was “living my best” life as she seductively sipped on a drink in the hot sun.

Teen Mom star fights back at haters

Jade Cline loves to post sexy selfies on Instagram. She doesn’t care what the haters think. The mom-of-one wants to show off her body after she underwent a plastic surgery makeover. Jade brought the cameras into the hospital room so she could document the entire process.

Shortly after getting her enhancements, she’s embracing them. Jade Cline underwent a Brazilian butt lift surgery, liposuction, and numerous procedures on her breasts. In May 2021, she admitted that she got breast implants. This came around the time when fans noticed that she looked “full” in her photos.

Jade Cline Shows The Girls In Sultry Selfie [Jade Cline | Instagram Stories]
[Jade Cline | Instagram Stories]
Though her surgery was “painful,” Jade says opening up about it was “not a big deal” on the Teen Mom 2 reunion special. She also has no regrets about getting work done since she’s pleased with the results. What are your thoughts on Jade’s latest photos? Sound off below in the comment section.

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