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The Chrisley Knows Best family cannot really hold much back, being on a popular reality series. It also does not help that mom and dad, Julie and Todd, are in some serious legal hot water. This has further put them and their entire family front and center, under a microscope at all times. The whole family has seemingly grown up in a blink of an eye. So, how old are they all, and what really keeps them going throughout their daily lives? Read on to find out.

Todd And Julie, Starting The Chrisley Knows Best Family Tree

Let’s be clear: Nanny Faye is the true matriarch but she will be addressed shortly. Todd has come in with his words of wisdom and random quirks. With his family series still airing on the USA Network, there are stories still to be told and Todd-isms to be shared. Despite looking fresh-faced and having a very youthful spirit, just how old is Todd? According to Distractify, the father of five turned fifty-three in April. He has worked hard to become what he is through his reality projects and familial promotions.


As for the woman always by his side, that would be his wife Julie. The two have been married for a quarter of a century and seem to be quite happy. She can laugh at him and roll her eyes, but they make it work. At forty-nine, she has already battled and beat breast cancer. Though she adores her family, Julie truly adores being in the kitchen and cooking up a storm. She previously had a food blog called The Chrisley Kitchen where she shared her favorite recipes. All-around downhome mama.

Savannah Chrisley, Beauty Entrepreneur

The Chrisley’s twenty-four-year-old daughter is living her life. On the verge of turning twenty-five in August, Savannah has a successful company called Sassy by Savannah. It includes beauty products and has even expanded to eyeglass wear. Though she has had an up and down romance with her ex-fiance Nic Kerdiles, they still have a friendship. She is spreading positivity and happiness despite her parents’ current judgment.

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Chase Chrisley Knows Best?

He always has a smart remark but keeps the family on their toes much like his father. At twenty-six, Chase has a girlfriend who he is happy to share, Emmy Medders. Additionally, it seems he is a budding entrepreneur, working on his own line of candles.

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Grayson Chrisley, Growing And Glowing Up

Now that the youngest Chrisley is now sixteen, fans are shocked at what a handsome young man he has become. He spent the recent holiday weekend with his brother and his bro’s girlfriend. She shared some grown-up photos of the teen and it is probably hard to reconcile that he is not a little boy anymore. He is finding his footing and it is great to watch.

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Chloe Chrisley, The Sweetness

Chrisley Knows Best would not be the same without the heart of the show and everyone’s little love. Chloe, 9, can be a bit feisty and sassy but she is the apple of the family’s eye and can brighten every day.

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Lindsie Chrisley, Still In Their Hearts

Though she left the series early on, Lindsie is still a very valid member of this family. The thirty-two-year-old has a very successful podcast with Teen Mom 2 alum Kailyn Lowry. At the same time, she is raising her son, Jackson who she shares with ex-husband Will Campbell.

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Kyle Chrisley, First Born

Though he had a rough relationship with his parents, it seems that Kyle, Todd, and Julie are trying to make it work. According to Life & Style, they have come back together and Kyle, 31, has a lot to celebrate. In 2021, he married Ashleigh Nelson and has been able to spend more time with his daughter, Chloe. Yes, little Chloe is his but Todd and Julie took custody of her when he was no longer capable of caring for her. Hopefully, this can continue on a happy path.

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Save The Best For Last

Nanny Faye Chrisley may be seventy-eight but she has the spirit of a teenager. She is open to trying absolutely everything and has the utmost in spunk. Sadly, America’s favorite grandmother is now in treatment for bladder cancer so we wished her a speedy recovery. It is doubtful anything can keep her down for long.

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Did anything surprise you about this? Were you under the impression that they were older, younger, somewhere in between? Let us know in the comments and watch Chrisley Knows Best Thursdays on USA Networks.



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