Where Is Warren Jeffs Now? ‘Keep Sweet’ Viewers Want Answers

Warren Jeffs from Netflix

Netflix’s documentary Keep Sweet: Pray and Obey earned a lot of views in just a short amount of time. Subscribers were completely captivated and swept away learning about the darkness that exists within certain polygamist sects of Mormonism. And no group was as sinister as the cult Warren Jeffs led.

In the documentary, the show reveals that authorities captured Jeffs. He is in prison to this day. But what goes on in the daily life of the cult leader?

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Warren Jeffs is still behind bars but isn’t having much fun there

Since Keep Sweet proved to be so popular with Netflix subscribers, TMZ did a little digging to see what they could find about Warren Jeffs’ whereabouts today.

And it doesn’t appear that the 66-year-old is having a great time behind bars.

Warren Jeffs/Netflix


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