Waldrop Family Hits Trails, Courtney On ’Major Snake Alert’

Courtney Waldrop, YouTube, Waldrop Family

The Waldrop family of TLC‘s Sweet Home Sextuplets enjoyed some time out in nature together. As they hit the trails, however, mom Courtney Waldrop had to keep an eye out for snakes. It sounds like the mom was pretty anxious about the possibility of finding a snake out on the trails.

So, did the Waldrops come across any creepy critters on their latest adventure? Keep reading to check out the photos from their outing and see how things turned out.

Courtney Waldrop, YouTube, Waldrop Family

Courtney & Eric take the kids on a little hike.

On her Instagram stories this week, Courtney Waldrop shared a few snaps as her family hit the trails. She wrote, “We love going on hikes.”

Then, she added a disclaimer, “And we did watch for snakes…I promise!! I was on major snake alert.”

Though the Waldrop family spends a lot of time outdoors and has a good amount of land with all kinds of animals, it sounds like Courtney hasn’t gotten used to the snakes and other creatures that may be lurking outside.

As you can see in the photo below, it looks like everyone was able to make it out on this fun family outing.

Courtney Waldrop Instagram, Waldrop Family

Did the Waldrop family find any snakes?

Fortunately, it looks like the Waldrop family didn’t end up running into any issues with snakes this time. She shared a snap of the sextuplets on the trail and wrote, “We made it out…no snakes. Well, that we saw.”

Then, she realized why they might not have come across any and added, “I’m sure they crawled away as fast as they could when they heard us coming!!”

You can check out the sweet picture of the Waldrop sextuplets below. Somehow, Courtney was able to get a good photo of all six of the four-year-olds smiling. They are all wearing matching outfits. The girls are in gingham dresses with big red hairbows, while the boys wear red tee-shirts with gingham shorts that match their sisters’ outfits.

Courtney Waldrop Instagram, Waldrop Family

Hopefully, on the rest of the Waldrop family’s adventures, they are able to stay away from the snakes and other creepy critters.

So, what do you think of this fun adventure the Waldrop family went on? Can you relate to Courtney Waldrop keeping an eye out for snakes? Share your thoughts in the comments section below. And come back to TV Shows Ace for more news about the Sweet Home Sextuplets family.

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