Why Was Tammy Slaton’s Bariatric Surgery Delayed, Fans Worried?

Tammy Slaton from TLC

Since 1000-Lb. Sisters first appeared on TLC, fans have just wanted Tammy Slaton to get better. Over the course of three seasons, viewers watched her make progress only to take two steps backward.

Things seemed to finally turn around at the end of Season 3 when Tammy opted to check herself into rehab. Rumors said that she made great progress in rehab and even managed to qualify for bariatric surgery, which was supposedly happening in June 2022.

But now, it seems like those plans are on hold. Keep reading to find out why.

Tammy Slaton deals with her surgery’s postponement

After a months-long absence on social media, Tammy Slaton finally reemerged. Fans asked for weight loss updates, but she revealed her contract with TLC wouldn’t let her give anything away.

Tammy appeared in various TikToks from the shoulders up and fans didn’t think she had actually lost much weight. But even so, sources came forward and said that the bariatric procedure was still planned.

Tammy Slaton/TLC

But now, The Sun alleges they spoke with an inside source that says Tammy is still on track to receive the bariatric surgery she wants to have. It’s just going to be postponed for another few weeks.

“According to the source, Tammy’s surgery delay is due to scheduling,” the publication shared. “After her big surgery, she will need to return to rehab throughout the month of August before she is allowed to return home.”

The Sun didn’t say what scheduling conflicts came up. But if everything goes according to plan, Tammy Slaton may very well have the surgery by the last week of July 2022.

Will the TLC be able to ditch her trach in addition to the extra weight?

At the end of 1000-Lb. Sisters Season 3, Tammy Slaton suffered a major medical emergency and had to return to the hospital. Doctors put her on a trach, which she still wears to this day. Some fans wondered whether or not she would be able to get off the trach once she has her bariatric surgery.

Tammy Slaton Weight Loss Instagram Attitude Problem
Tammy Slaton/Instagram

In a Reddit thread, users wondered why Tammy still needed the trach if she was better. Apparently, the answer is pretty simple. One Redditor answered that once a person is on a trach, it’s incredibly hard to get off of it. It’s likely that the TLC star will still need the trach up through her surgery. It ultimately boils down to what her healthcare team thinks is best for her.

That’s all the news available right now for Tammy Slaton. But hopefully she manages to get the surgery and get on track to a healthier and happier life.

If TLC chooses to renew the series, fans will get to know more about Tammy’s journey soon enough.

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