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‘Big Brother’ Fans Think Petty Alyssa & Paloma Embarrass Themselves?

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What is it about women bringing women down? It has only been a day, and the Big Brother 24 housemates are at it, berating a fellow contestant. Big Brother returned for its Season 24 on Wednesday with a fresh batch of contestants ready to manipulate and deceive for the win. The winning amount for this season is a whopping $750,000.

Big Brother Contestants’ True Colors Out On Day 1

While the Big Brother 24 premiere brought its typical chaos, it also highlighted some unfortunate colors of contestants. Housemates Alyssa Snider and Paloma Aguilar had a brief discussion ‘backstage’ about a fellow female houseguest Taylor Hale. However, their not-so-subtle discussion didn’t go down well with Big Brother fans.

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Their scheming and mockery of a fellow female contestant were called out on Twitter by fans.

Taylor Hale, from Detroit, Michigan, is in the spotlight. She was crowned as Miss Michigan USA in 2021, adding some brownie points for her, making it easy for her to win over her cast mates. However, her status and charm only agitated housemates Alyssa and Paloma.

Alyssa And Paloma Scheme Against Taylor Hale

It just took both 24 hours to already start plotting to betray a woman for men they don’t even know well.

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Fans took to Twitter and called them out for this unwelcome conversation. A fan posted a clip from the show with the two in conversation.

Paloma initiated dialogue, stating, “Listen, another thing is, with a Pageant girl is like we need to also get in good with the guys.”

She continued, “She cannot dominate with like being the seductress of the guys, you know what I mean?”

“It doesn’t mean we have to be the seductress or whatever, but we need to hang with the boys.”

Alyssa chimed in, stating, “Yea, and we need to make them like us.”

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The former interior designer also mentioned that together they are powerful compared to her being alone. She also called themselves the ‘PSL-Pumpkin Spice Latte’ duo.

The 22-year-old added, “We are not going to let the Pageant girl go and be like form an alliance.”

Alyssa And Paloma Are Threatened, Declares Twitter

Reacting to the clip, a fan sarcastically commented, “They got the nerve & audacity” with a meme that said ‘Help’.

Another chimed in, stating, This is embarrassing…why are they so threatened??? There is no reason to be.”

A third remembered a similar incident that happened to Big Brother 18 contestant Zakiyah Narisha Everette.

She commented, “This is giving me Zakiya vibes cause she’s a gorgeous black woman too, and all the females were jealous of her.”

“And at one point talked crap about her behind her back, even Nicole F. and Michelle, who were her closest girls in the house. Hope this doesn’t happen to Taylor too.” She continued.

A fourth lamented their decision to vote for Paloma and said, “I wish I had seen this before I voted for Paloma.”

Seems like fans are in for an envy saga with the BB24 girls conniving against the ‘Pageant Girl’!

Should Paloma and Alyssa feel threatened by Taylor? Or is this a result of sheer jealousy? Let us know in the comments!

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