‘Big Brother’ 24 Matt Turner’s Sister Says He Ruined Her Life?

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Big Brother 24 aired yesterday, and the house members are all over trending on Twitter. However, one house member that garnered the attention of the fans even before the premiere was Matt Turner. After being associated with YouTuber MrBeast for a dead and buried controversy that resurfaced, the 23-year-old is yet again in deep waters.

Matt Turner’s Sister Holly Calls Him Out For Bullying

Hours after the Big Brother 24 cast was revealed, his sister, Holly Turner, dragged Matt through Twitter and called him out for being a bully. This comes as a surprise to the Big Brother fans as Matt allegedly dubbed MrBeast as a bully. Now he is under the scanner for being one himself.

Matt Turner YouTube

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As per Big Brother Access, Holly tweeted in a chain post elaborating on the matter. She claimed that her brother bullied her all her life. The graphic designer also accused the Big Brother contestant of influencing their mother into evicting her from the house when she was homeless and unemployed. She was sleeping at her parents’ house because she didn’t have anywhere else to go.

Holly Turner Sides With MrBeast Amid Accusations

The music photographer further added that Matt caused her severe and excruciating anxiety, given the way he used to treat her. More so, she also had panic episodes that still plague her to this day. Adding to her statement, she further mentioned that Matt has a habit of frequently using the ‘N-word.’

Siding with MrBeast amid the accusations, Holly added that her brother made up stories about the YouTuber to get him canceled and launch his own YouTube career.

Fans Want Matt Turner Removed From BB24

Following these accusations, Big Brother fans have been calling for Matt to be removed from the show.

Furthermore, a fan posted on Twitter:

“Wait, Matt Turner was the editor that FAKED MrBeast being racist, was called out, went homeless, and now he’s on the show #bb24. GET HIM OUTTT.”

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Fans are also coming out in support of her sister, as well. Several old tweets have resurfaced where Holly claims to have been at the receiving end of being ill-treated by her family, including her brother.

Talking about these old tweets, a fan wrote:

“This is a tweet in 2015 about Matt Turner being a piece of sh!t to her and her being homeless, 7 years before he was cast and when both were unknown. I believe her. #bb24.” The tweet was from Holly and it read: “my dad is an a-hole. my mom is f**king nuts. my brother is a piece of sh!t. I love bein reminded why i chose to be homeless.”


Fans Doubt Holly Turner’s Allegations

However, another old tweet where the sister claimed to have lied about Matt Turner made several fans doubt her allegations.

A fan tweeted:

“@ittybittyholly, how we know you’re not lying again since you’re getting the attention you need? #BB24 #MattTurner.”

Matt Turner Twitter

[Source: Twitter]

How do you feel? Do you think Holly Turner’s allegations hold any truth or is she trying to be relevant? Finally, might Matt Turner be right about MrBeast? Let us know your views in the comments!

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