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‘Sister Wives’ Fans Debate Most Embarrassing Brown Family Blunder

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Sister Wives stars Kody Brown and his wives like to have fun. Unfortunately, this also means that their kids also find them wildly embarrassing from time to time.

Recently, a group of fans online debated the most embarrassing Brown family blunders. Take a look and see what they said was the worst.

Sister Wives fans sometimes feel embarrassed for the family’s kids

Families frequently embarrass each other. That just comes with the territory. However, not everyone’s family has a reality TV show. And that’s why some viewers think that the kids might feel embarrassed by the parents’ actions over the years.

But which moment was the worst?

Sister Wives/TLC

“If you were a Brown teen what would’ve embarrassed you most about the parents?” the original Redditor asked. “I’d hate if my mom was on tv talking about purity 🙈”

They shared a screenshot of the moment where Robyn shares her struggle with premarital sex and how she got pregnant with Dayton. Other Sister Wives fans agreed that this was a particularly cringe moment, but could definitely think of more to add.

“Kody explaining the ‘hormone swap’ to Mykelti,” someone else added. “I honestly would be embarrassed about how they (mainly Kody) seem so financially irresponsible and are all talk and no action.”

Other honorable mentions included the catfishing incident, Kody neglecting his kids — particularly Ysabel, and anytime Kody blatantly chose Robyn over his other wives.

Family patriarch Kody Brown routinely puts his foot in his mouth

Overall, there have been some pretty cringeworthy moments over the course of 16 seasons. The adults always seem to have issues going on, but Kody Brown’s behavior, in particular, takes the cake for fans. Online, a lot of people can’t help but notice that he always seems to put his foot in his mouth.

In the past, he said that members of the LGBTQ+ community and women have more rights than he does. But one Redditor noticed that he always wants control over his kids, even though he routinely neglects them.

Kody Brown/TLC

Over the years, Sister Wives viewers can’t help but notice just how chaotic the family patriarch truly is. And his behavior probably isn’t going to get much better when the show comes back for Season 17. But for now, fans will have to sit by and see how things play out. Rumor has it that things aren’t the best in the Brown household at the moment.

Do you agree with the embarrassing moments fans online picked out? If you had to add any to the list, what would you add? Leave your ideas in the comments and follow TV Shows Ace online.

Stay tuned for more information on the Sister Wives cast. There’s always a new story to share about the family.

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