‘Big Brother’ 24 House Guest Matt Turner Has Bad Blood With MrBeast?

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Big Brother 24 is set to premiere tonight at 9/8c on Paramount+, CBS, and the CBS App. Ahead of the show’s premiere, the cast reveal happened yesterday. Names like Alyssa Snider, Ameerah Jones, Brittany Hoopes, Daniel Durston, Indy Santos, and others are in the show. Among these, cast member Matthew Turner is now the talk of the town.

Matt Turner Accuses MrBeast Post Work Relationship Termination

An old yet shocking controversy has sparked fans’ interest in the thrift store owner from North Attleborough, Massachusetts. The 23-year-old has links to MrBeast, one of the biggest YouTubers to date. Twitter is all about Matthew Turner as Big Brother fans dig in for more information on the controversy.

Matt Turner YouTube

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As per Big Brother Access, Matt worked as an editor for Jimmy Donaldson, aka MrBeast, a successful YouTuber with 98 Million+ subscribers. More so, after the termination of his professional relationship with MrBeast, Matt made some sweeping accusations against the YouTuber.

Yet, what exactly had happened that led to these accusations?

MrBeast amassed fans and a huge subscriber base on social media by creating viral videos. Additionally, his videos mostly revolved around random charity work as he gives away thousands of dollars to everyday people. Given his philanthropic activities and charitable giveaways, some fans even dubbed him the nicest guy on social media.

Matt Turner Alleges MrBeast Called Him Mentally R__

When such a nice and well-known guy is run-down, it makes headlines. Let us elaborate on what happened to the BB24 cast member and MrBeast’s former employee. Although the story was out of sight for quite some time, the cast reveals for BB24 brought the issue to the forefront.

Matt Turner YouTube

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As per reports, Turner claimed that his former employer, MrBeast, used to berate him daily. Above all, he claimed that he was often demeaned and called a phrase used to insult individuals with mental disabilities. Moreover, these inconsiderate actions by MrBeast left Turner in tears.

Ultimately, MrBeast employed Turner from 2018 to 2019. Meanwhile, Turner alleged that his former employer didn’t credit him for his work. These accusations started on October 6, 2019, after Turner blasted MrBeast with a tweet accusing him of being a bully.

The Tweet read,

“That was the most mentally draining time of my life. I was yelled at, bullied, called mentally r–, and replaceable by MrBeast every day. Being in tears and having mental breakdowns day after day is difficult, and after a while, it became too much.”

MrBeast Claims Turner Was Paid $10,000 Severance

As a result, MrBeast swiftly responded to these accusations and claimed that he had given Turner a severance of $10,000. Subsequently, he mentioned that he got Turner another job at SoaR Gaming. However, the YouTube videos on which these claims were made are no longer available.

MrBeast YouTube

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Finally, with Big Brother 24 airing tonight, fans should be excited to see if Turner will make some interesting revelations regarding the YouTuber during his stay.

Are you excited for the Big Brother Season 24 premiere? Do not forget to tune in tonight at 9/8c on Paramount+ or CBS.

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