Netflix: What Is The Riveting 'Girl in the Picture' About?

Netflix: What Is The Riveting ‘Girl in the Picture’ About?

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Fans want to know more about Netflix’s Girl in the Picture and if it’s based on real events. The documentary is expected to captivate audiences. It tells the story of Sharon Marshall, a woman who died on the side of the road. Her death reveals dark secrets about her life.

Sharon’s life wasn’t all that it seemed. She was abducted by her own father, Franklin Floyd. He later forced her into marriage. The mystery surrounding Sharon’s death reveals what happened to her all those years. Read on to learn more about this chilling new documentary and the woman herself.

Netflix's Girl in the Picture [Netflix | YouTube]
[Netflix | YouTube]

How did Sharon Marshall die?

Questions still surround Sharon Marshall’s upbringing and death. She was originally born Suzanne Marie Sevakis on September 9, 1969. Her stepfather kidnapped her when she was five years old. Franklin was married to her mother Sandi Chipman until he took advantage of her kids.

Her mother was currently in prison serving a 30-day sentence around the time of her kidnapping. Franklin took off with all four children. He later renamed Suzanne, Sharon Marshall. Franklin took her two sisters and put them into foster care.

Then, he took off with Sharon and her brother. Their mother tried to file charges against Franklin for kidnapping, but the police argued that he was allowed to leave with them under his care. Franklin groomed Sharon over the next few decades and married her.

Franklin Floyd & Sharon Marshall [Netflix | YouTube]
[Netflix | YouTube]
The two ended up in a contemptuous relationship even though Franklin raised Sharon. She was pregnant with a son named Michael. Then it turned out that the child wasn’t Franklin’s. In April 1990, she ended up dead after a hit-and-run accident when she was only 20 years old.

That case is still a mystery to this day. In 2014, there were questions about her identity and what happened. This relaunched the case surrounding Sharon’s death. There is also a book based on Netflix’s Girl in the Picture.

Is Girl in the Picture based on the book?

Netflix’s new documentary Girl in the Picture is actually based on two books that are about the cold case. Award-winning investigative Matt Birkbeck is the author of the 2004 book A Beautiful Child and 2018 Finding Sharon. Both of them tell the story of Sharon as they try to figure out her true identity.

Matt Birkbeck will make an appearance in Netflix’s Girl in the Picture. The investigation officers will also talk about the suspicious case. The trailer reveals that an officer had a photo of the man and his daughter, which led to their web of lies. The Girl in the Picture is about more than how Sharon.

It asks questions about her life and upbringing. It’s about finding out her true identity before she died. Girl in the Picture will be available to stream on Wednesday, July 6. What are your thoughts Girl in the Picture? Do you plan to watch it? Sound off below in the comment section.

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