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‘LPBW’ How Did Amy Roloff Find Out About Matt’s Property Deal?

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In a new preview for the Tuesday, July 5 episode of Little People, Big World (LPBW), Amy Roloff finds out about her ex-husband Matt’s property deal. So, how did she learn about it and what does she think? Keep reading to get all of the details.

Note that this article contains details about LPBW Season 23. You may wish to stop reading if you do not want to read any spoilers about the current season. 

Matt is currently in the process of putting part of the property on the market. Amy doesn’t find out how fans might expect her to, though. Unfortunately, she doesn’t learn this information directly from the source and has to do some digging to get all of the details.

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So, how did LPBW star Amy find out about the property deal?

LPBW Preview: Amy Roloff finds out about Matt’s deal.

In the new preview, Amy is hanging out in her kitchen with her new husband, Chris Marek. She asks him why he visited Matt recently and he says that they need to clear her stuff out of the garage. Then, he reveals, “He’s planning on putting the house on the market.” 

Amy has a shocked look on her face after learning of Matt’s plans. After pausing for a moment, she says, “Geez” and looks like she doesn’t know what else to say. 

LPBW star Amy says that it’s “sad.” 

In a confessional, she explains that after Jeremy and Zach attempted to buy the farm, Matt sent out an email with the possibilities for the farm. However, she says that Matt often changes his mind, so she wanted to “take that with a grain of salt.” 

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Chris and Amy discuss how they were both hoping that one of the family members would take over the property. Amy then points out that this is exactly why she didn’t do a “full market value.” This was because she assumed one of her sons would be able to get the property after she sold her share. 

In a confessional, Amy says, “I just love it when Matt tells Chris before me.” 

Amy is also worried about how her kids will react to the news.

You can check out the preview here.

So, what do you think of this sneak peek of the new episode? Share your thoughts in the comments section below. And come back to TV Shows Acfor more Roloff family news. Plus, don’t miss new episodes Tuesdays live on TLC and streaming on discovery+.

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  1. Wow, what more can you say. Poor kids, they know Amy left money on the table for them, they tried, Amy tried to make it affordable for them…. Mat don’t even try to make it sound like you are doing them a favor, or that then don’t deserve to buy Amy’s part of the farm. You could have sold it to one or both and had nothing to do with that side. With someone else buying it, Mat will have nothing to say what happens and the family that wanted it is out of luck.
    Wow. I dont understand. And Chris, Amy has been trying to tell you, this is the kind of people Mat and Caryn are, watch your back.

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