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Jilted Amy Roloff Frustrated Matt Took Her For A Ride

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A jilted Amy Roloff wasn’t too happy with learning of her ex-husband Matt’s plans for the farm. As a sneak preview for tonight’s episode revealed, it wasn’t from the horse’s mouth that Amy learned of Matt’s plans. It was actually Chris Marek who clued Amy in after he corned Matt with a direct question.

Why is Amy Roloff feeling jilted and lied to by her ex-husband? Why does she think he took her for a ride? Keep reading for spoilers.

Warning: This article contains spoilers from LPBW Season 23, Episode 8 “Break in the Matrix” 

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Matt Roloff plans to sell some of the property

LPBW star Matt Roloff hoped to sell some of the property to one (or several) of his children. Both Jeremy and Zachary attempted to purchase some of the property from Matt. Sadly, neither of the deals moved forward. Matt Roloff explains during tonight’s episode that he makes one more ditch effort by sending out an email giving the entire family one last chance to speak up. When he gets no responses to his email, he decides it is time to put some of the property on the market.

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Amy Roloff gets frustrated with her ex-husband

Chris Marek gets together with Matt to take a look at the stuff Amy still has in the “big house.” Chris quickly realizes they’ll need a storage unit to pack away the things she left behind. He explains to Matt they also need a storage unit for tax paperwork they need to hold on to.

Learning of Matt Roloff’s plans to sell the “big house” along with some of the property sent Amy reeling. She explains to Chris that she made a deal with Matt on her portion of the property because she assumed he would turn around and give some of the property to one of her children. Now, Amy is feeling regretful and thinks Matt took her for a ride.

Amy Roloff explained to Chris that she could have held on to the property, turned around, and made a good deal with one of her children. Talking to the camera, Amy just thinks things would have played out differently if she had any idea Matt was going to put the property on the market. At the very least, Amy believes she should have squeezed more money out of her ex-husband.

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Should Amy Roloff have just sold her portion of the property to Zach or Jeremy to begin with? A lot of fans seem to think so. Let us know what you think in the comments. And, keep coming back for more LPBW news.

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